Integrate and optimize with Pipedrive’s CRM API

Connect any software, system, or app in your technology stack with Pipedrive. Our open API (or Application Programming Interface) and Developer Platform give you the opportunity to integrate and optimize the tools you need, share data and automate your sales processes.







Free API access with every plan

Grab your API token and unlock a world of possibilities with our RESTful Pipedrive API v1. Access what you need via webhooks, API endpoints, Postman, Insomnia, client libraries, SDKs and more.

Build and integrate what you need

Seamlessly integrate your existing technology stack and optimize your revenue cycle with apps from Pipedrive’s Marketplace, or build your own app using interactive app extensions like app panels and app actions.

Get started with developer resources and tools

Kick-start your development with our developer resources. Browse our API Reference and Developer Documentation to learn more and use our Developer Community and API clients on Github for help along the way.

Easily connect Pipedrive with other software

Not a developer? No problem! With our flexible open platform, you can connect what you need with Pipedrive using the Zapier app or any of the hundreds of available apps in our Marketplace.

Syncing and sharing your CRM data between Pipedrive and any software, system, or app, like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Leadfeeder, is both easy and secure.

With our powerful and flexible CRM API, the way you use Pipedrive is only limited by your imagination.

Access the Pipedrive CRM API for free

Every Pipedrive plan comes with an API token that gives you access to our RESTful API for free. This means you can extend and customize your Pipedrive experience to streamline your business processes and improve your CRM software’s functionality and efficiency.

  • Pull call lists and customer information and make them appear in your call center software

  • Create new leads based on shared custom data in your data warehouse or any other tool in your tech stack

  • Assign new tasks to your after-sales team via project management software once a deal is closed

  • Integrate marketing automation and communication tools so you can streamline workflows and never miss notifications

These are just a few of many possibilities. The opportunities are endless with our CRM API.

Integrate with your existing tech stack


All your tools in one platform

A good CRM tool has an open API that enables you to connect all the tools you use in one platform.

With Pipedrive’s RESTful API and developer resources, you can connect and integrate any app, software, or system in your tech stack with Pipedrive.

You, or your IT team, can also build custom CRM integrations to share and import data to empower your business processes.


Extend and customize using the API

No more manual data entry or imports and exports between systems! Automate all your everyday tasks.

Connect systems using the Zapier app, create webhooks to push information, or build your own integration using our developer resources.

Within our powerful and flexible API is our extensive API Reference with hundreds of endpoints. Along with our Developer Documentation, there are endless ways in which you can extend and customize Pipedrive to your business needs.

How Pipedrive’s CRM API helps companies to empower their sales processes

SobTIC streamlined their business management with Pipedrive’s CRM API

Thanks to Pipedrive’s open API, SobTIC’s business management is more efficient and effective. By connecting Slack, Pipefy, Mailchimp and other everyday tools with Pipedrive, their team now has a singular hub to house all sales and administrative data.

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Vindi leverages Pipedrive’s CRM API to manage their data lake by integrating sales data

For Vindi, the most important thing was deciding the API integration of pre- and post-sales data. By using Pipedrive’s API, they’ve built a unified system that incorporates their platform, Zendesk, RD Station and SenseData.

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Leni, Leon & die Luchse connected their tech stack using Pipedrive’s CRM API

Once Leni, Leon & die Luchse started using integrations and the Pipedrive API, they discovered how powerful Pipedrive and Zapier could be when connected with tools they already use; further empowering their sales process.

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Build and test in a safe, secure environment

Our stable API lets you make API calls in a safe and secure environment, while receiving outputs in a JSON format, enabling you to fully customize your CRM system and create integrations that work for you! There are three types of apps you can create depending on your purpose and intended users. Secure authentication is managed using OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Create a public app

Public apps are available for all users in the Pipedrive Marketplace. The app has its own unique, public landing page, which can be promoted through the Pipedrive Marketplace.

Create an unlisted app

Unlisted apps cater to specific users in the Pipedrive Marketplace. The app has its own non-public app landing page and is only visible to users with its specific Marketplace URL.

Create a private app

Private apps are for users in the same company. As private apps aren’t published in our Marketplace, this allows you or your developers to develop exclusive integrations for your business only.

Let our API documentation, developer resources and tools help you along the way

In addition to our API Reference and Developer Documentation, we have a host of connector tools to help you with accessing and using our API:

  • Pipedrive API client libraries and SDKs on Github for PHP, JavaScript (Node JS), Python, .NET and Ruby

  • Ready-to-import Open API 3 specification file for Postman, Insomnia, or any API tool of your choice

  • An up-to-date changelog for all changes, especially breaking changes

Built with security in mind

We know that every developer is concerned about the security of REST APIs and CRM account, which is why we keep our API under lock and key.

Access to the Pipedrive API is only possible using the API key or an access token when using OAuth 2.0. Not only does Pipedrive encrypt disks and enforce HTTPS from outside the network, but certain data inside the database is also encrypted when necessary.

We’ve mirrored the rigorous security approach outlined in the OWASP Framework to ensure everything is safe. Plus, we take extra steps to keep our API secure by tracking issues like broken object level authorization and broken user authentications.

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Create your sales powerhouse today with our CRM API!