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The best CRM for personal use

Organize and grow your network with a personal CRM. Pipedrive’s CRM for personal use syncs your address book, calendar and email, so you never miss an event or an opportunity.

What do we need a personal CRM for?

The best personal CRM system (customer relationship management system) empowers you to take control of your busy schedule. Set appointment reminders, schedule meetups and keep tabs on exciting projects from one central hub.

Appointment reminders

It’s far too easy to forget about booked appointments. A personal CRM syncs with your favorite calendars and delivers smart reminders to your phone or inbox.

Contact management

Unify your contacts across Gmail and social media channels and group by type. Whether you’re looking to expand your network or simply keep in touch, a CRM stores all of your contact information in one platform.

Event scheduling

Log upcoming birthdays, day trips and meetings. Use a personal CRM to attach notes and customized time slots to your commitments, so you’re always on time and prepared.

Systematized to-do lists

Set up high-level activities on your to-do list and then build out the steps it takes to get there. Reach goals with an iterated, visual approach to accomplishing tasks.

Visual organization

A CRM makes organizing your work and personal life a breeze. Drag and drop reminders, meetings, events and goals in a visual, personal timeline.

Collated note-taking

Keep spontaneous thoughts in one place. Record ideas for social media posts, make a note to update blog drafts and jot down personal thoughts in your CRM.

How Pipedrive helps you manage your relationships and organize your personal life

Life can be busy. Managing work and personal relationships and events quickly becomes overwhelming if you don’t have a system in place to organize information and send reminders.

The best personal CRM system organizes your life into a single, easy-to-use platform. Reach out to friends and contacts, visually organize your tasks and sync your communications channels to get back more time and headspace.

Unify your address books

Your contact list is your go-to for accessing friends, family and professional partners.

Pipedrive centralizes and groups your personal and professional contacts. Import friends, relatives and colleagues to your CRM, tag them with labels and match them to meetings, events and targets.

Centralize your contacts with Pipedrive

Plan your time better with trusted data

See where you’re spending the most time with synced calendars and detailed reports.

Analyze the busy periods of your life and identify opportunities to free up space in your schedule. Categorize events by importance and make room for the people and activities you treasure the most.

Adjust your schedule Pipedrive’s insights and analytics

Automate daily processes

Save precious time by automating mundane daily tasks.

Pipedrive takes care of tedious busywork, like follow-up emails, and sets recurring reminders for medication, standing appointments, social media posts and more. Track new processes until they become a habit, such as healthy eating and exercise regimes.

Never miss a trick with Pipedrive automation

Sync your email inboxes

Get a clear picture of the emails you send and receive to all your contacts with a synchronized inbox.

Compose and send emails from within Pipedrive, or send from elsewhere and link the conversation to your CRM. With all your communications in one place, you’ll get comprehensive context without having to switch between tools.

Keep your emails in one place with Pipedrive

Get smarter with scheduling

Make scheduling meetings between busy calendars easier.

Share your availability with a single link and collect the information you need for your meeting at the same time. Pipedrive’s Scheduler can also help you propose times right inside your email composer.

Schedule meetings without the hassle in Pipedrive

What a CRM solution can help you achieve in your daily life

With Pipedrive’s CRM for personal use, you can implement task automation, keep your contacts updated and monitor your side projects.

  • Import, schedule and customize upcoming events
  • Log notes, phone calls and observations for later reflection
  • Design visualized workflow templates to see the steps towards task completion
  • Add context to plans, texts and call history
  • Prioritize and reschedule to make room for important occasions
  • Sync data across iOS and Android devices to stay in touch with your CRM on the go
  • Integrate with your favorite social media channels, tools and email accounts

How to use your CRM to better manage your time

  • 1. Visualize your week with an activity calendar

    As you make more friends, connect with family and expand your professional network, you will experience an increasing demand for your time. This can lead to missed plans and event clashes if not managed properly.

    When you install Pipedrive, use the activity calendar to build a visual timeline around your busy schedule. Prioritize people, meetings and occasions and link to-do lists with contacts across Gmail, Outlook and Office 365.

  • 2. Organize and track your communications

    Your contacts book will fill up quickly with both personal and professional connections. You’ll need a system that stores and organizes contacts, texts, emails and calls.

    Obtain full visibility and control of all your communications with Pipedrive. Schedule calls, link emails to plans and goals and schedule events with friends and family from one platform.

  • 3. Use visualized dashboards to monitor personal goals

    Use our insights and reporting features to track your performance toward personal and professional goals.

    Start a fitness journey, track your daily food intake or monitor your monthly blog visitors. Isolate the metrics that matter in your personal and work life with Pipedrive.

  • 4. Automate tasks and reminders

    Once you confirm a meeting or set up a task, it’s important to add these to your schedule, so you’re reminded when the time comes.

    Pipedrive’s workflow automation removes the hassle from this process. Automatically notify yourself of an upcoming appointment and send follow-up emails.

  • 5. Protect your data

    You’ll want to make sure your personal information and your contacts’ information are kept safe and secure.

    Pipedrive’s security center provides full transparency into how your data is being used. Adjust privacy settings, authorize access for your devices and receive alerts for suspicious activity.

Integrate with your other daily tools

Organize your life admin and nurture your relationships with Pipedrive’s personal CRM. Streamline your personal projects with help from some of the most popular tools on the market.

Here are some essential integrations for your Pipedrive CRM.


Create invoices directly from your CRM. Link payments to contacts and approve recurring billing to obtain a real-time overview of your finances.

Revamp your finances and connect Pipedrive to Xero.


Use cards, boards and lists to organize your activities and commitments. Send data from Pipedrive to Trello and add some flexibility to your daily workflows.

Have fun with your planning with Pipedrive and Trello.

Acuity Scheduling

Help the people in your network book your time without all the back and forth emails. Acuity Scheduling lets contacts see your availability and select a time that works for everyone.

Manage meetings easily with Acuity Scheduling and Pipedrive.


Fulfill your email and contact management needs in one platform. Import contact data from Pipedrive and create, deliver and track personalized emails for your networking endeavors.

Streamline your emails with Mailjet and Pipedrive.


Save time with a shared inbox for all your social media and messaging platform contact. Send messages across Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and more, all in one place.

Connect in one place with Pipedrive and Quickdialog.

Smart Docs

Create professional, customizable and trackable documents. Smart Docs automatically populates documents with data from your personal CRM, and makes it easy to share with your network.

Revamp your documents with Pipedrive's Smart Docs.

Improve your networking and time management with the right CRM!