Inside Sales Software That Keeps You On Track

Let’s face it – inside sales is becoming more and more popular in today’s “get it done remotely” business landscape. It doesn’t mean the complete disappearance of the traditional process of closing your hot prospect over a fine dinner – it’s just that inside sales fits in with today’s culture a little better, it seems.

However, there is a problem – when you go out, meet a contact at a trade show, give him or her a call and maybe have lunch – you’re in complete control. However, with inside sales, ironically, it may be that multiple people will deal with your lead and the process can become much more complicated.

Such complexity can breed inefficiency, if it’s not reined in by a powerful and flexible inside sales software system.

Pipedrive keeps your leads live and your sales cycle tight

Do you know the biggest reason we developed our inside sales software system? It’s because we’re inside sales people too, and we couldn’t find anything that quite fit our needs. Sure, there are great inside sales software packages out there – but either they’re expensive, inflexible or don’t integrate well with other applications and mobile devices.

You might think that this isn’t important in inside sales, but the truth is that having an inside sales software system designed by salespeople for salespeople is even more critical. So Pipedrive was born, and it gives you the ability to:

  • Get an accurate bird’s eye view of your company’s health and inside sales effectiveness at a glance.
  • See exactly how each lead progresses through your sales cycle with our unique visual sales pipeline.

What you can measure – you can improve.

  • Create custom data fields and turn features on and off to mold Pipedrive’s inside sales software to your specific needs.
  • Easily navigate the system using our attractive and intuitive UI.
  • Easily integrate Pipedrive with native mobile apps and a variety of 3rd party software applications.
  • Instantly and accurately measure your entire sales process from the number of deals in your pipeline, length of time they stay in the pipeline, percentage of close rate to the size of each deal.

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Love this program. It is the only CRM that I actually want to use. Having a CRM that you don't want to use leads to your team not using it. What's the point of that. Pipedrive is built by sales people, for sales people.
Rick Feineis,
Managing Partner & Senior Trainer, CAD Training Online

Pipedrive is a sales tool for small teams with big ambitions

We’ve built a CRM tool that’s great not only for salespeople, but also anyone wanting to get super organized and close deals in less time.

About half of our customers liked us so much they switched from their existing CRM; the other half didn’t even know they needed Pipedrive until they tried it.

Inside Sales Software Designed to Keep You On Track | Pipedrive
Inside Sales Software Designed to Keep You On Track