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What is a sales system?

A sales system saves time by helping reps get organized, manage their contacts and track deals more efficiently. Sales managers, meanwhile, can use sales systems to help them track their team’s progress against sales quotas and project sales revenue. In short, a sales system is a tool that makes managing your sales opportunities effortless.

Whether you’re a salesperson, a sales manager or a business owner, sales management software enables you to sell more by keeping you focused on the right deals and stopping you from forgetting to follow up with prospects.

What to look for in a sales system?

A sales system needs to tick a lot of boxes. It should be flexible enough to suit your needs, fit within your budget and have features that help your sales team sell more.

To get all the features and functionality you need, here are the must-have features of a good sales system:

Track the entire sales process

Use a sales system to monitor every activity in the sales cycle, from qualifying leads to managing objections and closing deals

Automate everyday tasks

Schedule meetings and activities, automate emails and update deal progress automatically. Sales systems cut out data entry and keep customer profiles up to date.

Build accurate forecasts

Run the numbers and put real data behind accurate sales performance forecasts, helping your team eliminate bottlenecks reach their full potential

Complete customization

Plug in the tools you already use and take advantage of hundreds of other integrations to get the most out of your sales processes

Pipeline visualization

Quickly assess how sales deals are progressing and access accurate revenue numbers with dashboards and a visualized pipeline

Manage leads and deals

Declutter your pipeline with an organized Leads Inbox. Collect all your leads in one place and tag them with custom labels so that salespeople can tailor their strategy.

Pipedrive covers all of these features

Here’s why ease of use is important

A good sales system is visually appealing, intuitive and gives the user an overview of everything they need to know. After all, figuring out a new tool takes time and we bet you’d rather use this time for good – to engage with more prospects and close more deals.

An intuitive sales system that can boost your sales

Pipedrive’s CRM platform is designed with salespeople in mind. It’s easy to use and can be customized to suit your business’s needs. Simply log in, design your sales pipeline with drag-and-drop features and start closing deals.

See why over 100,000 teams use Pipedrive daily

The best thing we love about Pipedrive is it does two-way sync with Google Apps. It has helped us to better organise and keep everything on track.
NGNirmal GyanwaliManaging Director, Nirmal Web Studio
Easy to use, reasonably priced, and ensures I don't drop the ball on following up with my leads!
CLChristine LukenAuthor & Speaker, Financial Lifeguard
The workflow is perfect for our event management business, recording all booking information and giving reminder alerts. Being able to email clients via the app is great too.
GSGraeme SmithArea Manager, Wedding Jam

Build a deal-closing sales pipeline

Visualize your entire sales cycle inside a Pipedrive pipeline. Check where every deal is in your sales funnel, which deals are progressing (or hitting a wall) and how much revenue each sales rep is bringing in.

Get real-time results and maintain accountability by breaking down projects into manageable, trackable tasks.

Monitor key metrics and team performance

Gather insights and help reps make better decisions with Pipedrive’s powerful analytics. Monitor deal progress and measure sales efforts inside customizable reporting dashboards.

Keep your sales reps working towards shared goals by focusing on high-value opportunities and optimizing their strategies to strengthen new customer relationships.

Collect and act on detailed customer data

Supercharge your sales processes with enhanced data and Pipedrive integrations. Plug in lead generation tools to see where your leads are coming from and what moves your reps should be making to close deals.

Access daily, weekly and monthly sales reports to learn more about sales cycle length, close rates and your highest-value lead segments.

How a sales system helps you grow

Sales management software fosters teamwork among your sales reps by making it easier to share information about leads and deals. Using a sales management system like Pipedrive allows teams to automate manual tasks, collaborate easily and get more done to hit their and the company’s sales goals.

  • 1. Save time and get more done

    By using a sales management platform to organize all of your lead and prospect data, your sales reps can spend more time selling and less time on admin.

    Pipedrive streamlines your business processes, keeping contact information, deal progress and revenue data in one place so it’s easily accessible.

  • 2. Power collaboration

    Sales systems help your team work together and prevent departmental silos. Sales reps can share prospect information in real time and follow up with leads from inside Pipedrive.

    Cut down on the back and forth and streamline communication by coordinating efforts inside one platform. Standardizing your sales process on one system gets your team on the same page and reduces the risk of human error.

  • 3. Stay on top of every deal

    See where every deal is in your sales pipeline and its likelihood to close. Without a sales information system, it can be challenging for sales leaders to track deals and feel confident each one is on track.

    Pipedrive gives you real-time updates and actionable data, so you can prioritize your sales efforts and maximize revenue.

How Tiffany Largie grew from zero to $2.5 million with Pipedrive

Experienced entrepreneur and sought-after business consultant Tiffany Largie needed help managing leads and contacts as her team grew.

After opting for Pipedrive over a competitor, Tiffany’s team quickly made over $2 million in sales.

“It’s literally one of the only things that I recommend you have in order to successfully manage your business.”

Read the case study

Automate your sales activity

Pipedrive’s integrations make it easy to build workflows and automations that boost productivity.

Reduce manual errors and speed up selling processes by automatically inputting customer information, updating teams with deal stage progress and more.

Send personalized follow-up emails based on templates and tackle the admin tasks that drain your team’s time, so they can focus on selling.

Sales system software FAQs

  • What is a point-of-sale system?

    A sales system is a platform that lets a business track its entire sales process, from sales reps to business owners.

    Sales systems are designed to take as much effort out of sales tracking as possible. Features like automation, forecasting, customization, sales visualization and deal and lead management can free up your reps and managers from time-consuming admin.

  • Does QuickBooks and Pipedrive have a point of sales system?

    QuickBooks users can utilize its point-of-sale feature. Since QuickBooks integrates with Pipedrive, you can easily track your sales and receivables.

    Pipedrive doesn’t have a built-in point-of-sales feature. However, it integrates with some of the best point-of-sale systems on the market.

  • What are the advantages of a point-of-sale system?

    The main advantage of a point-of-sale is being digital. You can integrate it with your accounting, CRM and inventory management software to help automate admin work, register sales, provide accountability and ensure accurate stock levels.

Build a bulletproof sales system