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Sales management software

Discover how sales management software can help you track your leads more effectively and why it’s critical to optimizing your sales process.

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What is sales management software?

Sales management software is designed to help salespeople manage their contacts, track sales deals, reduce time spent on admin and close deals more efficiently.

The main benefit of using a sales CRM is to clear tedious tasks from your schedule, allowing you to focus on the activities that drive sales and increase revenue. Sales managers can track their team’s activities against their goals, track sales against the quota and forecast revenue, while salespeople can concentrate on closing deals.

Coordinate your people

Create and implement sales strategies that you can track in a visualized pipeline. Set tasks for reps and notify team members automatically when deal stages update.

Exceed sales targets

Prioritize high-value opportunities and keep moving toward revenue goals. Get at-a-glance team and individual metrics to motivate and support where it’s needed.

Unifies all tools

Having a single, streamlined view of your sales process gives clarity and gets your team on the same page. Supporting apps and integrations are also a must.

How Pipedrive will make you unstoppable

Pipedrive is a light-touch sales CRM built for minimum input and maximum output. With our simple, intuitive software there’s no 200-page list of functions, and no two-day training required. Just log in, fill up your pipeline and start closing deals with a product designed to make selling beautiful.

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What to look for in sales management software

Track goals

Hit targets by setting and automatically tracking individual, team and company goals in real time. Follow progress on live dashboards and adjust your strategy quickly if needed.

React in real time

Build strong customer relationships and keep on top of interactions with real-time notifications. Set desktop and email alerts so you can respond to messages as soon as they land in our inbox.

Start quickly

Easily manage your pipeline with sales management software. Adding deals, activities and contacts in Pipedrive is simple with customizable, interactive dashboards.

Unite your calendars

Sync Gmail, Outlook and other calendars with your sales management software. Coordinate schedules and book meetings without the back and forth.

Get a 360-degree view

Get high-level and detailed views of your sales pipeline. Make better-informed decisions with an accurate idea of sales activity, revenue forecasts and progress.

Fits into your tech stack

Seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack. It’s easy to connect Pipedrive to hundreds of tools in our marketplace, so your team can work more efficiently.

Manage your sales pipeline

Watch leads flow through your sales pipeline to become loyal customers. Import leads into your CRM software and track how they move along the deal stages you’ve customized to fit your business.

Pipedrive's CRM enables better sales pipeline management. Add deals, track their win probability and monitor lead generation in one place. Keep your team focused on closing deals with set goals, real-time notifications and opportunity management.

Track team performance

Sales managers need to know how their team is performing to know where to intervene and when to correct course.

Pipedrive tracks how your team is moving towards sales goals, such as conversion rates and the average percentage of deal wins. Compile data into reports and identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Get granular insights

Dive deeper into the mechanics of your sales pipeline to see what's working and what needs work.

Pipedrive’s reporting and analytics give sales managers a better understanding of sales performance. Use sales forecasting to see whether you’re on target to meet goals and judge the health of your pipeline.

How sales management software helps managers build winning teams

The best sales management tools will go beyond contact management. With them, you can curate a detailed history of customer interactions, overhaul your sales processes with automation and help your team hit goals. Plus, they’ll slip seamlessly into your existing tech stack.

  • 1. Track every conversation

    Keep all of your customer information and conversations organized in one place. Pipedrive's powerful CRM tracks phone calls, emails and contact history, so your sales reps know when they last reached out to a prospect.

    Link conversations to contacts and deals in your pipeline. Make outbound calls directly from your CRM or mobile app with the Caller feature and manage email conversations inside Pipedrive using two-way email sync.

  • 2. Automate and scale your sales efforts

    Save time by putting repetitive tasks on autopilot. Build workflow automations at every deal stage to streamline your business processes and close more deals.

    Transfer deal ownership between reps, create new stages and activities when deals move along your sales pipeline and more. Integrate Pipedrive with hundreds of apps and add-ons to create the perfect all-in-one workspace. Automating workflows gives your team space to do what they do best – build customer relationships.

  • 3. Dive deep using granular reporting

    Build reporting dashboards to monitor every activity in your sales cycle. Use customization functionality to isolate the metrics you care about most with Pipedrive.

    Use filters to focus on the sales data you need and pinpoint the bottlenecks in your pipeline. Track deals, KPIs and revenue in visual dashboards and fine-tune your sales processes. Easily create accurate sales forecasts based on your team’s activities and the value of the deals in your pipeline.

  • 4. Understand what deals and activities drive revenue

    Create a sales playbook for your organization based on which activities help close the most deals and which prospects are most likely to close and make your company money.

    Build a sales toolset of best-in-class integrations using your CRM as the platform, so that all the data you need is easy to find and available in the same place.

Boost productivity with powerful features built for efficiency

According to our 100,000+ users, the ideal sales management software combines simple design with powerful time-saving features. A sales management CRM should help you kill admin tasks while also painting a clear picture of your progress towards goals.

Reduces admin work

Use automation to free up more time. With the right tool, you’ll have to do less data handling and have more time to sell.

Easy to use and set-up

Benefit from an easy-to-use sales management software that's a one-stop shop for all your sales tracking needs.

Train salespeople quickly

Make CRM onboarding a breeze! Use script templates and assign notes to deal stages to onboard new salespeople or support existing reps. Help your teams step up their game at scale.

Fully customizable

Tailor your CRM to your business. Flexible sales management systems are crucial to reflecting your unique workflows and personalizing every step of the way.

Available on the go

Access your CRM from your mobile, so that you always close a deal, no matter where you are. Mobile CRM apps make sales management on the move easy and prevent valuable opportunities from falling through the cracks.

Designed for salespeople

Be the best salesperson you can be with a CRM that’s designed for that cause. While using regular CRMs is always an option, the real magic happens when you use tools that were specifically built to drive sales and manage leads.

How Big Dog Solar used Pipedrive to increase revenue by 40%

American solar panel installation company Big Dog Solar wanted to use data to improve sales and marketing strategies.

Since they started using Pipedrive for lead management, they can track deals and insights to understand where their leads are coming from and how to communicate and convert them.

“Visibility on the different layers of how things were happening and where the bottlenecks were – those kinds of reports have become really insightful and valuable for us.”

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