Sales management software

Discover how sales management software can help in tracking your leads more effectively, and why improving this efficiency is critical to optimizing your sales process.

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What is sales management software?

Sales management software is designed to help salespeople get organized by helping them manage their contacts, track sales deals, and ultimately reduce time spent on admin.

The main benefit of using a sales CRM is to clear tedious tasks from your schedule, allowing you to focus on the activities that drive sales. This applies not only to you as a sales manager, but also helps you keep track of and streamline your team’s activities for minimal input and maximum output.

What does great sales management software include?

According to our 95,000+ users, the ideal sales management software combines simple design with powerful time-saving features. Sales CRM should be designed to help you kill admin tasks while also painting a clear picture of your progress towards goals.

Reduces admin work
Easy to use and set-up
Unifies all tools
Available on the go
Fully customizable
Designed for salespeople

How Pipedrive makes salespeople unstoppable

A light-touch sales CRM built for minimum input and maximum output. With our simple, intuitive software there’s no 200 page list of functions, and no two day training required. Just log in, fill up your pipeline and start selling with a product designed to make selling beautiful.

Full access. No credit card required.

Why choose Pipedrive?

  • Voted easiest CRM to implement by G2Crowd
  • Simplifies complex selling processes
  • Tailor-made for sales teams
  • Ensures follow-ups with activity-based sales methodology 
  • Packed with features and extremely customizable
  • Offers real-time customer support
  • Easy to scale as your team grows
  • Compatible with a growing list of third-party apps and integrations