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Logistics CRM software

Track shipments every step of the way with heightened visibility over all your transportation business processes. Pipedrive’s logistics CRM software helps you improve your efficiency, fulfillment speed and customer experience.

What is a logistics and transportation CRM?

A CRM (customer relationship management) in logistics and supply chain management empowers you to enhance your business operations by structuring data and sharing actionable insights.

Pipedrive consolidates your workflows across warehouse, transport and finance into fewer cloud-based dashboards to help you deliver a better service to your customers.

Visualize your delivery lifecycle

Stay on top of every contract by organizing each into a pipeline. Clearly see how all theactivities in your transportation management system (TMS) are progressing.

Update customers fast

Quickly respond to and follow up with customers using chat and email functionality. Deliver next-level service with personalized responses that keep your customers in the know.

Create customized reports

Understand your revenue growth, lead generation progress and goal success with customized reports. Keep improving and save time with insights that matter to your business.

Send automated tracking details

Update customers at every stage of delivery with automated tracking details. Create a transparent, user-friendly process for both staff and clients alike.

Work anywhere, anytime

Keep every delivery on track in real time. Let drivers use your CRM platform from the road. Enable them to share traffic updates or record who signs for a shipment.

Store address details securely

Build trust with your customers thanks to Pipedrive’s data security. Process countless private contact details from addresses to payments safely.

How a CRM software for transportation companies can help you improve the speed and quality of customer relationships

Organizing the many departments within your logistics company can be overwhelming. Data overload can lead to missed shipments, late payments and less-than-satisfactory customer service.

Digitally transform your operations with Pipedrive’s logistics software for the transportation industry. Improve staff efficiency with automated workflows while boosting customer satisfaction with regular, targeted communication.

Streamline your workflows

Automate repetitive tasks like payment confirmations and shipment tracking. Trigger sales and operations notifications at key stages with ease.

Let Pipedrive take over manual task admin and give your sales team more time to focus on nurturing new leads.

Discover the time-saving power of workflow automation with Pipedrive

Enhance your delivery tracking

Meet your customers’ needs and stay on top of every order with smart communications. Keep senders and recipients in the loop with real-time email, SMS and app updates.

Sync your contacts, choose from popular app integrations or create templates within your CRM to customize and automate every email.

Stay connected with Pipedrive

Empower your supply chain

Store all your data in your CRM transport system so every team has visibility over progress. Account managers can easily see inventory levels and drivers will know when the warehouse is ready for dispatch.

There are many moving parts in the logistics industry. From storage to inventory, packaging, handling and transport, a logistics CRM ensures you stay on top of them all.

Visualize your supply chain with Pipedrive

What to look for in a CRM for transport and logistics

The perfect CRM software for transportation companies relies on a flexible set of features.

Pipedrive sets you up for success with easy scheduling, automated customer service actions and remote access.


Optimize your collection and scheduling to ensure every shipment is delivered on time. Pipedrive helps you organize driver logistics across all regions in one CRM transport system.


Send estimates, invoices and updates automatically with Pipedrive. From corporate clients sending bulk products to small businesses sending niche items, stay on track with it all.


Access your CRM from anywhere. Your transport and logistics business is always on the move so, install mobile integrations to empower your team to connect from the road.

How does customer relationship management in logistics work?

Pipedrive’s CRM solutions help you efficiently process thousands of orders and organize distribution across the country.

From new customer lead management to supply chain requirements and client tracking, your CRM platform streamlines it all.

  • Record information like warehouse hours and packaging requirements for every client
  • Get an overview of client communication history
  • Integrate with tools used across the logistics industry and build workflow automation with Zapier
  • Automate collection reminders, SMS updates and delivery tracking to ensure every client knows where their goods are
  • Track email activity, including opens and clicks, to see how your customers are engaging with your business

How to set up your logistics CRM for success

Over 400+ integrations

Expand the capabilities of Pipedrive with hundreds of apps and integrations

Spend less time on admin and more time fulfilling orders!