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Global survey: 63% in sales believe the 'sales crisis' will end in 4 to 6 months

62% of respondents said they have changed or modified offerings to address emerging customer needs

New York, April 6, 2020 - According to a Pipedrive survey conducted among 1,424 sales and marketing professionals during a virtual panel discussion on April 2nd, 63% of respondents believe the current ‘sales crisis’ due to the pandemic will end in four to six months. In addition, 62% of respondents said they have changed or modified their offerings to address emerging customer needs during the crisis.

Pipedrive CTO Sergei Anikin said, "The poll results show that while no one knows for certain how long the pandemic will last, most sales and marketing teams noted that they have been quick to respond. They are staying connected to customers and prospects and pivoting to offer essential products or services that have value right now.”

Other survey results revealed that companies starting to experience a drop in sales have adapted, with 26% refocusing or redeploying staff. However, at this early stage of the pandemic, the large majority (70%) of sales teams have not made staff changes to their sales teams. Only 4% of respondents said that they are hiring additional sales staff due to an increase in sales and demand. Finally, 45% of sales and marketing professionals acknowledged that they are struggling with what to say to clients and prospects right now.

The panelists at the sold out webinar "Sales and Marketing amid the COVID-19 pandemic" organized by sales CRM Pipedrive included Matt Heinz, one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management, Lisa Coyle, co-CEO of 360 Payments, a payment processor and Pipedrive customer, and Pipedrive CTO, Sergei Anikin. The discussion was moderated by Chris Shipley, innovation analyst and author of the upcoming book, "the adaptation advantage".

Anyone can access a recording of the thirty-minute panel discussion for free on the Pipedrive Sales Community along with survey findings. The Pipedrive Sales Community connects more than 1600 sales professionals worldwide. Anyone can join the Pipedrive Sales Community using either their Pipedrive login credentials, or LinkedIn account.

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