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CEO Blog: Unlocking the power of AI

Earlier this month we launched some amazing new AI-enabled benefits in Pipedrive. The unifying idea behind all these new AI tools is to help salespeople work smarter and faster. Pipedrive AI will help you improve performance and save time.

Whilst AI is showing up in many powerful ways across Pipedrive, my favourite example is the powerful ‘Sales Assistant’ tool. Pipedrive has always been great at helping salespeople track their sales workflow, now we can help sales people understand their next best action. We can grade different sales deals and so you can focus on your hottest deals that will be most likely to close sooner.

As we roll out these new features, I’m struck by how quickly AI has become ‘business as usual’. Our customers rightly expect Pipedrive to be AI ready and we’re exceeding their expectations as we rapidly innovate.

However, it's not just Pipedrive customers living an AI life. To varying degrees I think we’re all now living in an AI world. In fact, I now see AI support both my professional and personal life.

At work we have a dedicated AI Taskforce looking at how we can leverage AI across our business. There are obvious use cases such as using developer coding assist tools like CoPilot to improve engineering efficiency and job satisfaction. We’ve also enabled ChatGPT Enterprise to ensure that we can make the most of the power of generative AI in all the many areas of the business where we create content.

Whilst AI is showing up in many powerful ways across Pipedrive, CEO Dominic Allon's favourite example is the powerful ‘Sales Assistant’ tool.
Photo: Helis Hämarsalu

In my personal life I also use AI across the board. My most common AI hack is using so-called ‘large language models’, like ChatGPT mentioned above. They sound grand, but it’s a simple idea. These AI learning models are exposed to vast amounts of data and content. They’re able to understand and interpret this material to answer questions. It’s a bit like having a team of super smart PHD students working to answer any brief you give them!

These models, such as Claude.ai, are really helpful in answering everyday questions and especially when trying to frame short articles or essays, or master an important topic quickly. You can get great insights on how to get cheaper car insurance, the best place to go on holiday in Italy or how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie!

When I’m writing I tend to use them for a fast start. They’ll often give you a great introductory framework that you can then personalise and adapt to your own style. In this way and like many technologies that have come before, it’s all about using technology to be smarter and faster.

So, whether you're a Pipedrive customer, or just wanting to bake the perfect cookie, our new AI world can help you take your performance to the next level.

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