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Pipedrive celebrates innovation and sustainability for Small Business Week 2024

New York, April 29, 2024 – Pipedrive, the easy and effective sales CRM for small businesses, celebrates Small Business Week. This year, under the theme of sustainability, Pipedrive champions small but mighty businesses making a difference in the world by driving innovation through sustainable business practices.

“Small businesses are fundamental to the global economy, driving forward not only innovation but also sustainable growth. In the United States alone, over 33.2 million small businesses employ almost half of the American workforce, accounting for 43.5 percent of GDP. It’s also a highly competitive space that brings its challenges – building brand recognition and earning consumer trust while also competing for market share, funding and employees means that over 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 50% fail within five years and around 65% don’t make it to ten,” said Sean Evers, VP of Sales & Partner at Pipedrive.

"Pipedrive Small Business Week 2024 recognizes the resilient and dynamic spirit of small businesses, highlighting their impact on the global economy. The week aims to inspire small companies to learn from each other’s sustainable experiences and adopt best practices. Pipedrive is committed to making sales success inevitable for small businesses. Our goal is to provide sales professionals with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive environment. From generating leads to closing deals, a great CRM streamlines processes, creates more transparency, and enhances both operational efficiency and sustainability," continued Evers.

By integrating CRM tools, small businesses not only optimize their operations but also contribute to a more sustainable and equitable market economy. Evers shares insights on how in addition to lead management a CRM tool can boost sustainability efforts:

  • Resource allocation is one of the fundamental ways in which CRM tools increase sustainability. Cloud-based solutions reduce the need for paper documentation and physical storage space. Digitizing customer interactions and invoices reduces the carbon footprint and boosts operational efficiency.

  • CRM tools are also there to facilitate better communication and feedback loops with customers. This allows businesses to quickly gather insights, address concerns and continuously improve their product and service offerings for their customer base. This iterative approach enhances customer satisfaction and better anticipates customer needs but also helps reduce product returns and waste, ensuring a business model that’s focused on sustainability.

  • Sustainable business practices are built on efficient, collaborative and transparent supply chains. CRM tools help support businesses in tracking product lifecycles as well as greater visibility and accountability across the supply chain.

"Pipedrive enables us to stay in touch with customers and the ease of use is what really counts. As we've been avid users for more than seven years now, we know that without Pipedrive some of our deals would have fallen through the cracks, and certain locations would be without safe bike parking options," said Kristjan Lind, co-founder and CEO at Bikeep.

"We practice what we preach. The biggest sustainability effect of Bikeep has come from nudging people towards cycling and e-scooters. This also has the impact of making the world's cities more cycling-friendly," continued Lind.

Pipedrive Small Business Week 2024 coincides with the U.S. Small Business Administration’s National Small Business Week (from April 28 to May 3) and highlights the importance and potential of small companies worldwide. Full of customer success stories and tips, the celebration delves into the impact of small companies through sustainability or sustainable practices and aims to inspire sales professionals and business owners how to boost productivity, maximize the efficiency of their CRM and leverage tools to drive positive change. To be part of Pipedrive Small Business Week 2024, please follow the company’s LinkedIn page or search for smart and easy-to-adopt ideas from Pipedrive Learn.

About Pipedrive
Founded in 2010, Pipedrive is the easy and effective sales CRM that drives small business growth. Today, Pipedrive is used by revenue teams at more than 100,000 companies worldwide. Pipedrive is headquartered in New York and has offices across Europe and the US. The company is backed by majority holder Vista Equity Partners, and Bessemer Venture Partners, Insight Partners, Atomico, and DTCP. Learn more at www.pipedrive.com.

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