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How AGT Engineering & Operations Services Grew Their Revenue by 161% with Pipedrive

  • In 2017 AGT grew by 120%, in 2018 the company grew by 18%, and so far in 2019 it’s grown by 23%
  • The company is closing 20% more deals than the year before every year
  • Thanks to Pipedrive, the five-person sales team now has 10 extra working days a month to spend selling

AGT Engineering & Operations Services is an Athens-based construction, facilities management and operation services firm, with offices in all the key regions of the country. They have been delivering high-quality projects for over 22 years for clients in Greece, as well as Europe and parts of Asia.

Their team of three marketers, five salespeople and a consultant wanted to unify and simplify their processes to win more business with less legwork.

The challenge AGT Engineering & Operations Services faced

Before adopting Pipedrive into their sales process, the AGT Engineering & Operations Services team were using spreadsheets to manage their contact and deals data.

With spreadsheets, they were struggling to gather and store the necessary lead information to push through deals. They were usually having to resort to emailing colleagues or searching through their inboxes when they wanted to find information about a particular lead. Due to the lack of immediate insight they were able to get into their sales, the AGT sales team was also unable to forecast realistic sales results.

They needed something to handle the volume of data that was coming through and allow them to access the information they needed easily in real time.

The solution AGT Engineering & Operations Services found

AGT always strives for high-quality services and results, so they started to think there must be a better way to save time and keep clear sales records that were easy to sort and find later.

They discovered Pipedrive.

“Pipedrive helps us keep properly structured and complete records of our clients and deals and all the related information,” says Eirini Vrachnou, Marketing & Communications Manager. “We can access this information easily, anywhere and anytime using their web and mobile applications.”

Before, there was a lot of searching through data in the sales process. Now, AGT’s sale process is clear and streamlined. It’s divided into two cycles. Here’s the first.

“We target the client (opportunity) and add him on Pipedrive records, make cold calls, find contacts to relevant positions to initiate communication plans and organize meetings,” Eirini explains. “After the meeting, we add the contact details to Pipedrive, set the appropriate activities and follow it until the request for a bid arrives.

“The offer goes through several stages (Lead In, Contact Made, Needs Defined, Proposal Made, Negotiations Started) until the deal closes (won/lost). The client becomes a prospect when they feedback about our experience, clientele, offers and way of operating.

Here’s the second cycle.

“We carry on with communication plans customized for each client until we enter their shortlist on project auctions, or even establish a more direct cooperation on a permanent basis,” explains Eirini.

With Pipedrive, the AGT team is able to improve their productivity by re-contacting clients they’ve lost touch with.

“We are also able to prioritize deals according to budget, timeline, etc. and pay attention to each according to how critical it is,” adds Eirini. “We can manage the course of existing deals through linked activities and easily follow the proper process, or give clear directions to other departments and colleagues involved.”

Easy input, easy access

Updating and accessing data on the move is essential for the AGT sales team, as part of a company with many offices across Greece and Cyprus, as well as multinational clients, and over 70 fields of expertise. With the Pipedrive mobile app, they can add new information into an easy-to-use visual interface to process sales more efficiently.

Seeing the information they needed, where they expected to see it, simplified everyday selling and made communications faster, which improved the quality and reactiveness of decision-making across departments.

“As well as each user being able to stay up-to-date in real-time, a major difference has been the resulting communication upgrade between executives in real-time. Now, even the slightest detail is there for everyone to see,” explains Eirini.

“This makes us more effective and means we have more immediate responses to drive sales forward.”

Real-time numbers for faster decisions

The AGT team now spends less time exchanging multiple emails and phone conversations. Also, there is less need for time-consuming information gathering to produce reports; they look in Pipedrive and check live dashboards for sales results.

They can now understand clearly why deals were won or lost, and be more responsive more quickly. Sales and Marketing are also working more closely in sync. The sales team check sales data in dashboards, while Marketing pull reports based on custom fields to measure the effectiveness of the corresponding campaigns.

“We can monitor the present and keep a record of our past. It’s easy to access and even forecasting the future of the market. We see how user activities are paying off and learn from patterns,” says Eirini. “There is now a large number of variables we can account for when creating a report.”

As a result of their improved processes, the team has seen impressive year-on-year growth:

Revenue generation has increased per year:

  • In 2017, revenue grew 120%
  • In 2018, it grew 18%
  • From the start of 2019 until the end of Q3, it grew 23%

There have also been fewer deals that weren’t won compared to previous years:

  • In 2017, there was a 15% reduction in the number of lost deals
  • In 2018, there was a 20% reduction
  • So far, in 2019, there has been a 50% reduction

New deals increase rate:

  • In 2017, there was a 20% increase in new deals
  • In 2018, there was a 25% increase
  • So far, in 2019, there has been a 23% increase

The team isn’t just winning more deals, they are also saving time: the sales reps now have 10 extra days a month to spend on selling, lead generation and improving their process, while management has an extra day a week.

As these figures show, Eirini and her team’s research into the right CRM solution has paid off.

Eirini says: “Pipedrive was the most user-friendly CRM we came across; it adjusts to the needs of every user—the epitome of what ‘customize to your needs’ means.”

Find out how CRM software could help you convert more leads into sales by trying Pipedrive free for 14 days.

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