Route deals and leads to the right reps with Pipedrive’s automatic assignment feature

Automatic Assignment

Automatically assign new opportunities to the right people with Pipedrive’s new automatic assignment feature. Automate lead routing so you can follow up faster and increase conversion.

How does automatic assignment work?

With automatic assignment, you can set up and prioritize distribution rules in Pipedrive that automatically qualify and assign leads and deals to specific teams or reps in your company.

One simple way to use automatic assignment is to use it to route new leads to the right team or rep. You can do this by setting up a rule that distributes new deals based on location so that prospects get assigned to reps in the same timezone.

For a more complex example, if you want to prioritize high-value deals above all others but need a specific team assigned to them, you can create a rule that all deals above a certain value are routed to and distributed among reps in that team.

Automatic Assignment Rule High Value Deals

Here are a few more examples of how you can use automatic assignment to distribute leads:

  • Use fields in your web form to identify which product a customer is most interested in and assign them to the sales team responsible for that product

  • Avoid assigning low-value deals, or deals that are unlikely to close, to your high-performance sales team

  • Identify new prospects from a company where you already have a contact person, so you can assign them to the same sales rep

As you create rules, you can order and reorder them based on importance. Place the most important rules at the top of your list so that high-priority leads get sent to the right team – preventing the possibility that a different rule from further down the list sends them to another team entirely.

What are the benefits of automatic assignment?

Automatic assignment is an incredibly useful tool for teams that are generating a high number of new business opportunities.

Our sales team has been using the tool for a while, which has helped them automatically contact new deals with the right messaging in seconds.

Here are just a few of the impressive benefits:

  • Engage leads in seconds with the right messaging, from the right account: Set up a workflow in Pipedrive so that newly routed deals are emailed immediately, just as our sales team has done

  • Make sure the right deals go to the right people: Automatic assignment always follows the rules you create, helping prevent mistakes during data handling.

  • Save your sales team time: Instead of having to review all the inbound leads to find the hottest opportunities, automatic assignment sends the right prospects to your reps – bid farewell to manual processes and workarounds for good.

  • Improve your sales processes: Set up correctly, automatic assignment rules are completely unbiased so that your sales team’s productivity and morale aren’t impacted.

  • Assign the right deals to the right reps: Increase your chances of closing deals by assigning deals to the teams most suited to handle them.

  • Hand off deals and keep the ball rolling: Effortlessly pass the torch from one rep to the next as deals progress through your pipeline

Automatic assignment is available to users of the Professional, Power and Enterprise plans. If you’re new to our CRM, you can try Pipedrive free for 14 days.

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