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Automations updates June 2024: set up date triggers and add webhook requests as actions

Set up date triggers
Add webhook requests as actions

Set up date triggers and add webhook requests to your automations as actions. Date triggers let you specify when an action will occur, while webhook actions allow you to choose which events get sent to your external apps and tools.

Set up date triggers

With date triggers, you can schedule automations to run before, on or after specific dates. You can use default fields or custom date fields from any of your core entities (e.g., deals or organizations) as date triggers.

You’ll find the Date trigger option in the sidebar when creating a new automation.

Here are some examples of when this new feature could come in handy:

  • Send automated, personalized emails to contacts on their birthday

  • Automate a follow-up email to send two days after a scheduled cold call

  • Schedule a call reminder in your calendar a week after a sales demo

Add webhook requests as actions

Do you use automations that connect with external apps and tools? Combine webhooks with triggers and conditions to decide exactly what data flows between Pipedrive and your other apps and tools, as well as when it flows.

To get started, create an automated webhook, then add it as an action event to any of your automations.

Alt text: Pipedrive Automation updates: set up date triggers and add webhook requests as actions

Automated webhooks are available to admin users with access to the Automations feature, while date triggers are available to all users with Automations access. Ready to optimize your sales flow with Pipedrive? Check out Pipedrive’s 14-day free trial.

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