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Pipedrive’s Campaigns: Email marketing built to get more clicks

Campaigns by Pipedrive brings together marketing and sales under one roof, so you can grow and nurture your target audience into sales-ready prospects.

That means no more time lost moving marketing data between different platforms; no more lack of insights or engagement reports on marketing leads for sales teams; no more high spend on dedicated tooling and tool overload.

By having all your sales and marketing data in one place, you’ll have increased visibility of your revenue cycle and be able to work toward common goals to boost your bottom line.

Craft attention-grabbing campaigns with our intuitive drag-and-drop email builder, filter contacts for targeted segmentation and get real-time, easy-to-follow insights into your content’s performance.

How can Campaigns help my business?

With Campaigns, you can say goodbye to endless contact imports and switching back and forth between different tools to manage your email marketing.

You can increase sales and customer loyalty with stunning email campaigns and review your content performance all in one place.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do with Campaigns:

  • Create customizable emails with pro templates built to get more clicks. Cut marketing efforts with professional templates and a simple drag-and-drop builder.

  • Nurture your target prospects into hot leads. Seamlessly send email marketing campaigns to sales contacts.

  • Know which campaigns win the hearts of your audience with real-time reporting. Improve engagement with campaign reports and insights.

  • Relax, knowing your sales and marketing teams are aligned with all customer interactions in one place. Keep all of your audience data in one platform – no more endless imports and exports.

  • Email marketing automation (coming later in 2022). Set up fully automated lead qualification flows and customer relationship nurturing sequences.

When can I get access to Campaigns?

Campaigns is currently available to a limited number of Pipedrive customers. You can register your interest by joining our waitlist. We’ll let you know as soon as access is available.

To be able to use the Campaigns add-on, you’ll need to have a Pipedrive account first.

In the meantime, check out our Email marketing 101: How to be exceptionally good Academy course to learn more about each stage of the email marketing process and how it can help your business grow.

Campaigns by Pipedrive, our new email marketing add-on, will be fully rolled out by summer 2022.

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