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How J’achète en Espagne Used Automations to Increase their Revenue by 20%

  • J’achète en Espagne has 12 people working across five offices in Barcelona, Sevilla, Malaga, Menorca and Valencia
  • The real estate agency uses Pipedrive’s native features and integrations to automate their sales and referrals processes
  • They have saved time and money by choosing Pipedrive, but most importantly have increased their revenue by 20%

By integrating Pipedrive and Zapier and setting up automations and automated emails, Spain-based real estate franchising network J’achète en Espagne increased their revenue by 20% in the second half of 2019.

J’achète en Espagne is a real estate franchise that operates across mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. Founded by Frenchman Thomas Rouer, the company mainly provides services in French but also caters to Spanish customers.

Despite the challenges faced in 2020, especially in real estate, Thomas and his team are expanding their company as a franchise, with two more team members soon to join his twelve-person team.

Making a small team operate like a big team

Before adopting Pipedrive, the high demand for J’achète en Espagne’s services meant that it was very challenging for the team to manage incoming leads.

To tackle this, Thomas integrated Pipedrive with Zapier, as well as other tools—though “late. But better late than never,” by Thomas’s own admission.

“Pipedrive’s automatization features are amazing and save us so much time. The support team is excellent and helps me provide my team with tips and tricks.”

The J’achète en Espagne team knows the importance of quality customer relationships, as they rely on referrals from happy customers for much of their business, and this is one key area where automations have helped them.

“We have a lot of leads who are referrals, so customer trust is very important. We have an automation set up, so our customers receive an automatic update (a congratulations email when the deal is done, or ‘we’re so happy that you bought a house in Spain’),” explains Thomas. “This adds value to our quality of service and gives the impression of a large company. We can create a great image with not a lot of money.”

Powering the sales process with integrations

Through the Pipedrive and Zapier integration, Thomas and the team can manage, track and automate a lot of their sales and lead management stages, using filters to define which contacts should be reached out to and when.

“We have filters like prospects, customers who bought or did not buy, as well as region. We can classify all these contacts and have a great automation strategy,” says Thomas. “We are developing our company as a franchising network and it helps a lot to be able to manage the different incoming leads according to the customer’s area of interest.”

For example, there is a stage in the process when a lead has to sign an agreement with J’achète en Espagne before going any further. The agreement is automatically sent out, and they can’t move to the next step in the Pipedrive pipeline until it is signed and received back.

The team also uses the integration to manage follow up email flows. As soon as prospects enter a specific stage in the pipeline, they’ll receive automated, but highly personalized emails. However, at any point, these emails can be stopped if the prospect is feeling email fatigue, or restarted if they need another push.

“I’ve added a play button to start automatic emails. But then how do you stop sending automatic emails? I just added a stop button.”

This automation is saving J’achète en Espagne hours in admin.

“When you have hundreds of contacts you need to write an email to if you just have a template that you need to push it saves so much team. My team can focus on selling.”

Saving time, saving money and making money

Due to the power of the Pipedrive integration, Thomas was able to use a less expensive Zapier plan, saving money. The team has also integrated Pipedrive with Slack, which saves them a lot of time.

They are also able to follow up on leads in good time, increasing the chance of a deal.

“We have been growing a lot thanks to Pipedrive, mainly in terms of managing incoming leads,” says Thomas. “Thanks to the integrations that Pipedrive provides and the 100% customizable features, we are now very quick in calling our customers and following up.

“We manage to follow up on more leads and customers than before, but without having had to raise the number of employees.”

In fact, as Thomas tells us, the company increased its revenue by 20% in the last half of 2019 and has stayed strong throughout 2020.

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