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How Gogoprint Used Pipedrive to Disrupt the Printing Industry

The next time someone tells you that print is dead, share the success story of Gogoprint.

This tiny 2015 Bangkok-based startup took on the Goliaths of the industry and slingshotted their way to sustainable sales success and rapid international expansion.

A printing service for Asian SMEs

Gogoprint is the biggest online printing company in Southeast Asia, offering quality digital and printing services to customers around the world at a globally competitive price.

The company employs around 120 people, including 30 sales team members in four offices located in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia and Australia.

Their impact has already been felt in the Asian market. Before Gogoprint found a solution, Asia-based SMEs had to deal with poor pricing transparency, slow turnaround times and patchy customer service if they wanted printing products—partly because traditional printers preferred large and recurring orders from corporate customers.

Gogoprint leveled the playing field.

On the operational side, the company pioneered an approach known as ‘batching’ in Southeast Asia. Unlike traditional print houses, Gogoprint groups a variety of customer orders together in each print run to make sure when they send a sheet to the printer it’s as close to full as possible.

Finding the balance between print and digital

The printer’s willingness to innovate has allowed them to pivot and continue to grow. The company found the perfect balance between digital and offline to disrupt and scale, while competitors continued to struggle with the traditional offline approach.

The sales team provides the perfect example.

Gogoprint uses an online sales model to reach a global market. Instead of growing incrementally by adding new reps, doubling down on advertising, or focusing on referrals, Gogoprint has established an online lead qualification process to access and nurture top-of-funnel prospects at scale.

Using webforms, email and ecommerce to access a wider customer base—in tandem with the novel ‘batching’ approach to printing—means fewer print runs and a dramatic reduction in costs for both the printer and their customers.

Thanks to their innovative, scalable sales process, Gogoprint recently raised $7.7 million during their Series A investment round, and have made a successful launch into the Australian market with their sub-brand, Zenprint.

Scaling your sales team to handle new lead streams

With rapid growth and a huge influx of leads comes a new level of complexity. You need a highly proactive and customer-focused sales, or you risk a massive new stream of leads trickling out through the cracks of a leaky sales process.

When you’re working across borders, delivering a wide variety of products to clients ranging from small entrepreneurs to large corporates, you need to make sure your sales data is neat and clean.

Gogoprint’s success stems from putting the customer first, explains the printer’s Senior Key Account Manager, Maneekorn Chumanee, with all customers receiving the same personal touch, regardless of their size.

Why Gogoprint chose Pipedrive

To make sure that the process side of sales didn’t get in the way of their personalized approach, the printer uses Pipedrive.

The business was still young, and the sales team was lean when Gogoprint first turned to the CRM, and Maneekom was finding it hard to maintain a consistent, quality customer experience. The company needed technological support to automate, manage and streamline their new sales process, and sustain their growth.

“Gogoprint had to find a CRM solution which would be easy to use and allow us to see sales progress on a dashboard. We were finding it more and more complicated to keep track of all our deals.

Doing it manually was not an option. At some point, we got swamped with all the client-relationship data we had. We needed a practical and easy to use solution, which would help us close more deals.” - Gogoprint Senior Key Account Manager, Maneekom Chumanee

Gogoprint analyzed a number of solutions in detail, and finally opted for Pipedrive because of the simplicity of the software and the ability to automate huge chunks of their sales process.

“With the volume of work we have, the sales team would lose potential clients. We needed a simple CRM that could handle our growth. That’s why we chose Pipedrive.” - Maneekom Chumanee

Managing high volume sales, globally

Gogoprint has now worked with over 45,000 companies, in a range of countries, over the last three years.

So how does the sales team manage this flood of customers?

The process Maneekom has set up is simple and consistent:

“When a client comes to us through our Prospecting team (online or offline), we need to follow up and call the client to check all the order specs. When all the information is gathered, we prepare the quotation and send it back to the client.

Depending on the reply, we may follow up again to check if everything is alright. We keep following up with the client until the order is ready to be processed by the operation team. After the order has been processed, we normally reach out to the client to get feedback.” - Maneekom

Maneekom is a great believer in activity-based selling and the staged nature of Gogopront’s process transfers perfectly to their Pipedrive pipeline. By breaking down the process into actions required at each stage all team members can focus on the exact what they need to do rather than stressing about hitting their targets.

The approach has boosted both close rates and customer satisfaction levels.

“Pipedrive helps me to see an overview of the pipeline, especially when the deals are displayed according to different sales stages, allowing me to see the progress of our team and check which deals should be pushed. I can also see the record of information, such as call recording data, related email and relevant customer contacts.”

- Maneekom

Simplify the process, serve the customer

Maneekom believes it’s often the small things a CRM does that makes the biggest difference to sustainable sales success, while the ease of managing follow-ups is a huge asset for him.

His team, meanwhile, have to keep demanding clients happy and continually coming back for more, as recurring revenue depends on following up effectively and turning one sale into many.

“With Pipedrive, I can’t forget to send follow-up emails on time,” he says. “We never miss a chance to reach out to our existing clients with new offers. It might sound like a small improvement but it’s a game-changer.” - Maneekom

Perfecting the personal approach

Due to the printing business model, and Gogoprint’s decision not to utilize cold email, the company doesn’t use email templates—but Pipedrive’s email integration feature is proving to be a fruitful tool for Maneekom’s team.

“We always send personalized emails, but our Pipedrive is connected with our G Suite to make the process seamless and time-efficient.” - Maneekom

Maneekom is convinced Gogoprint will be using Pipedrive to fuel the fire of their growth engine for many years to come.

“It’s one of the most versatile CRM tools on the market. Flexible yet easy to use, we never have problems using Pipedrive.” - Maneekom

Even if you’re in a traditional industry, Pipedrive’s CRM can help businesses with the vision to change their industry or the drive to dominate their market. Find out how Pipedrive can fuel your team’s growth engine so you can get ahead of the people in your niche.

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