Email integration

Stop wasting time in your inbox
We offer two easy and time-saving ways to track email conversations. In addition, we'll connect your emails automatically to your contacts and deals, so you'll have a full overview of everything that's happening with a prospect in one place. You’ll save time and improve sales productivity.

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Full Email Sync

With the Full Email Sync, you can seamlessly connect your email provider of choice with Pipedrive, and start sending emails directly from inside Pipedrive. These emails will also appear in your regular email inbox. This also works the other way around, i.e. emails tied to deals or contacts that you send from Gmail, Outlook or any other email client, will automatically appear in Pipedrive. This means you now have a single view of all email correspondence surrounding a deal or contact inside Pipedrive – where you need it most.

Smart Email BCC

If you find that email is not such a key part of your sales process, or even if the volumes are low, you may find that Smart Email BCC meets your needs. It allows you to easily copy emails to Pipedrive by using your personal email address. Simply BCC that address, no matter which email provider or client you use, and the emails will appear inside Pipedrive. These emails can be copied to the relevant deals and contacts in a blink. You can also forward customer emails to Pipedrive to update existing deals or create new contacts.

Full Email Sync
  • Fully automated
  • Send emails from inside Pipedrive or your email client
  • Incoming emails automatically appear in Pipedrive
  • Customizable email templates
  • Customizable email signature
  • Available on Gold plan
Smart Email BCC
  • User-initiated and managed
  • Send emails from external email client only, BCC to reach Pipedrive
  • Incoming emails need to be forwarded (using BCC) to reach Pipedrive
  • Available on Silver plan

Full control of your information

Following either method, you will be able to look at a specific deal or contact and see all emails associated with that deal or person at-a-glance. In addition, you have full control over who sees the emails you’ve sent or received. The default settings will always be ‘shared’ as we believe selling is a team sport. But should you choose, you can change this to ‘private’, which means your team members will not be able to see emails you have sent to Pipedrive.

Email templates

Increase the number of emails you send, while still maintaining a significant personal touch. Choose from one of Pipedrive’s templates, or customize your own email templates. Either way, you’ll now have time to focus on the part of the discussion that matters most while letting Pipedrive handle the rest.

Email templates - tutorial video

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Email integration | Pipedrive
Email integration
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