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Pipedrive Marketplace Monthly Apps Spotlight: October 2022

Apps Spotlight October 2022

Three great new apps have been added to the Pipedrive Marketplace, which help you verify your email contacts, collaborate with channel partners and motivate your sales team with visual dashboards



MillionVerifier offers an email verification service that helps you detect which email addresses on your lists are good, risky or bad to send emails to. With MillionVerifier, you don’t have to worry about your email marketing campaign causing your reputation any harm.

MillionVerifier integrates with Pipedrive so that you can easily import your email lists to the tool for verification and get your results in a matter of moments. You can take action with just a few clicks and remove or unsubscribe any bad emails from your lists once the verification is completed.

MillionVerifier also offers EverClean, an automated email list cleaning service that ensures your email lists are kept clean by verifying and removing any bad emails from your lists on a daily basis.



Channelyze is a partner relationship manager (PRM) that lets vendors collaborate with resellers and distributors on their channel leads, deals, renewals and marketing.

By integrating Channelyze with Pipedrive, you can start managing your channel strategy from within Pipedrive.

Channelyze also lets vendors publish assets and learning courses to their channel partners to help them sell more effectively, making it perfect for Pipedrive users who want to manage both direct and channel sales.



Salytix hosts sales dashboards that are easily integrated into your Pipedrive. It displays each user's sales in a list by:

  • Day

  • Week

  • Month

  • Year

The Pipedrive-Salytix integration allows you to sync your sales data in real time with your dashboards, which become a central part of your sales management process.

You can review dashboards enabled by the Salytix-Pipedrive integration every morning on your phone to keep track of how each team member is progressing toward their individual goals, or you can set up a dashboard on a big screen in your office, so everyone can follow team sales goals for the year.

Check out the Pipedrive Marketplace to discover more fantastic integrations.

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