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Migrate from Salesforce to Pipedrive to Simplify Your Sales

Easy Switch from Salesforce to Pipedrive
The Right Process Wins Deals
GDPR is Now
Mobile app for real-time updates
A Simple Live-in Tool
Medium Enterprise CRM Requirements
Final thought…
Salesforce vs. Pipedrive

We’ve noticed an influx of people transitioning from Salesforce to Pipedrive, prompting us to ask, why?

The answer we keep hearing is simple.

We’ll let a Pipedrive customer explain.

“Because no one wants to have to land an aircraft when they could just sell.”

What a frank insight.

Our support and sales teams speak to customers everyday. Their feedback consistently points to one primary reason why team managers are migrating from Salesforce to Pipedrive - you can get all the information you need quickly from Pipedrive’s simple visual deal and product pipelines.

Our new customer research shows Pipedrive is saving medium enterprise sales teams valuable time, meaning they can focus on selling and growing company revenue (instead of going in and out of Salesforce to update it at the end of the day or week). Pipedrive also removes the problems that arise from managing your sales process outside of your CRM.

This could all be oversimplifying it. So let’s compare what sets the two apart and hear from more medium to large enterprises who have made the switch from Salesforce to Pipedrive Platinum, to establish what exactly made Pipedrive their new sales CRM of choice.

For the purposes of this article we’ve combined Salesforce IQ and Salesforce Lightning Professional. If you want to discuss any of the article in further detail - please contact us. Our team will be happy to give you the answers you need.

Jump to a quick summary comparison of Salesforce vs. Pipedrive.

Easy Switch from Salesforce to Pipedrive

Would you benefit? Start your 14 day free trial today, then decide if you want to:

  • Import all your data in one easy session
  • Save money - Pipedrive is more affordable
  • Roll out a uniform, guided sales process
  • Onboard fast with our expert customer support team
  • Customize to your business and use the open API

Did you know Pipedrive has these features?

The Right Process Wins Deals

CEO of a venture capital firm

“Pipedrive is already making the flow and sales system smoother than Salesforce. We now discuss deal flow and the actions that are needed - and can clearly see what has been done to win a deal.”

Pipedrive goes beyond acting as ‘just a CRM’, adding additional value across different parts of the business:

“We used to use Asana for project management, but we dropped it because Pipedrive is used for tracking projects now too.”

GDPR is Now

If you do business out of the European Union, no doubt you’ve seen little else in the press when it comes to data regulation and sales and marketing of late; the race to comply with GDPR legislation is on.

GDPR is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a necessity to ethically protect your prospect, customer and owned data. For more detailed information on how to prepare for GDPR, read through our dedicated article on GDPR compliance for sales teams.

Our German data center enables GDPR compliance for European data. Salesforce IQ doesn’t have a European data center, so the CRM is now no longer available in Europe.

Mobile app for real-time updates

Salespeople understand just how important it is to be able to record sales info on-the-go.

And app-savvy salespeople continually point to the value of having Pipedrive’s simple CRM in their pocket whenever and wherever they go to make it easy to update their sales pipeline fast.

Insights from a Sales Consultant, payroll SaaS company on the mobile crm app:

“Everything in Salesforce requires time, especially the mobile app. With Pipedrive I call businesses on-the-go and it’s logged. I upload business card data without even turning on my laptop. The app is perfect.”

Pipedrive Mobile

A Simple Live-in Tool

Our customers want a tool their teams love, not just so they use it regularly but so they benefit from it in their daily roles.

Here’s some feedback we received from a recent anonymous in-app survey we conducted.

"Pipedrive has reduced team admin. We hired an interim contractor 10 hours a week when we used Salesforce, now we do everything ourselves."

“I update Salesforce once a week for the corporate level, so my managers see leads and deals. But for everyday tasks, activities and progress I use Pipedrive.”

Medium Enterprise CRM Requirements

Medium enterprises are different beasts to SMEs.

There are a few key considerations larger teams need their CRM to address:

  • More comprehensive reporting and forecasting for senior management
  • A technology stack spanning sales, marketing and operations
  • The challenge of managing multiple or larger sales teams

Salesforce is renowned for advanced capabilities in these core areas. Salesforce is a robust tool with almost infinite detail. But sometimes the administrative task of managing these complexities can rob a salesperson of precious selling time.

Many team leaders don’t realize that other tools can also meet these needs.

Sometimes simplifying the process gets the best results.

Better user interfaces and/or apps and integrations can be the foundation to inspire more modern ways of working.

Here are just some of the things Pipedrive can do for your business that you may not have been aware of (including the 100+ apps that you can choose from for workflow, automation, finance integration and more).

Download your guide to managing teams and scaling sales

The blueprint you need to find a team of superstars and build a strong foundation for lasting sales success
  • Email Integration
  • Smart Contact Data
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Mass Emailing Using Mailchimp
  • Lead Capture Web Forms
  • Contact Timeline
  • 100+ App Integrations
  • One-click integration installation
  • An Open Integration API
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Customizable CRM
  • Managed User Platforms

Final thought…

Start your 14-day free trial via this link today

Salesforce might suit large and medium-sized companies that aren’t looking to optimize their sales process. The detail and complexity of the Salesforce software is great for teams where it’s highly integrated or beneficial alongside other systems in their information architecture.

Some medium enterprises, however, may benefit from a streamlined sales performance - of high efficiency and output - to be agile enough to compete with high growth market disruptors and large corporations alike.

If you need to simplify your sales process and you’re looking for the best CRM software alternative, it might be time to migrate from Salesforce to Pipedrive.

Unfortunately, in companies without an entrepreneurial culture, you can be left with a choice between politics or performance.

You might not get fired for choosing Salesforce.

But you might not meet or surpass revenue goals either.

What are your views on process-driven CRMs for medium enterprises? Do you think they’re better equipped to fuel growth? Let us know in the comments below.

Salesforce vs. Pipedrive

Managing teams ebook

Download your guide to managing teams and scaling sales

The blueprint you need to find a team of superstars and build a strong foundation for lasting sales success

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