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All the big announcements from October’s Pipedrive Product Talk

Pipedrive Product Talk
Two Pipedrive innovations announced at the webinar
7 lessons Dominate Sales has learned about using Pipedrive
Pipedrive’s pipeline voted most important in the poll
The easy and effective CRM that drives growth

In our main Product Talk of 2023, we made two major announcements, introducing Pipedrive’s new-look Sales inbox and our AI-powered Sales Assistant. Kaspar Kuntor from Pipedrive partner Dominate Sales also shared seven lessons he’s learned while helping 200 customers implement Pipedrive.

Two Pipedrive innovations announced at the webinar

The new and improved Sales inbox

Our Sales inbox has not only had a makeover, we’ve also introduced must-have features to help teams track their sales conversations and optimize their emails.

No more toggling between inboxes and tabs or relying on third-party solutions – all your emails are now in one place.

Now, with the Sales inbox, you can sync multiple email accounts with Pipedrive to track and manage emails from several inboxes in one place.

Say goodbye to manually copying and pasting important sales data, as you can now bring all your emails into Pipedrive CRM.

Email sync is available to Pipedrive users on Professional, Power and Enterprise. Depending on your Pipedrive plan, you can sync the following number of email accounts:

  • Professional – two per user

  • Power – three per user

  • Enterprise – five per user

Pipedrive customers using one of the plans mentioned above can access multiple email accounts sync here.
9.7 Million Emails Pipedrive

We’ve also added email labels, so you can categorize the messages in your inbox and tag your most important emails.

Multiple email signatures are coming soon as well, and you’ll be able to choose the right signature for each email directly in Pipedrive’s email composer.

3.4x more deals created Pipedrive

Introducing our AI-powered Sales Assistant (beta)

Our Sales Assistant is now powered by AI.

Sales Assistant continuously analyzes your sales pipeline and activities, identifying unique sales patterns and preferences. The feature then provides practical and actionable recommendations that sales professionals can implement to enhance their sales success.

Sales Assistant’s new AI-powered capabilities, which are currently in beta, include:

  • Predicting a deal’s win probability and recommending the next best action. The AI-powered Sales Assistant analyzes each deal and activity, predicting the deal’s win probability and recommending the actions you can take to improve the chance of winning.

  • Recommend high-win probability deals to focus on. Sales Assistant also identifies high win-probability deals for you to focus on and low win-probability deals to drop so you can focus your efforts on deals that matter.

The live version of Sales Assistant continues to provide valuable insights and suggestions, such as:

  • Actionable insights on deal velocity. Sales Assistant helps you accelerate deal velocity with actionable notifications. It keeps sales reps informed about their deals’ progress and notifies them when they exceed the average time, based on comparable deals.

  • Staying on top of team performance. By tracking team performance and lost rates, Sales Assistant provides valuable insights on individual performance. Sales managers can identify team members with the highest drop rate, review deals lost by pipeline stages and gain a deeper understanding of the team's strengths and areas for improvement.

Our goal was not to integrate AI into our product just for the sake of it, but to offer a solution that actually caters to the real needs of salespeople and helps them to meet their revenue goals. By integrating AI into Sales Assistant, we provide sales teams with focused, actionable guidance to boost their performance. Now, small businesses using Pipedrive will have access to a personal virtual assistant that uses the latest AI technology to help them prioritize their efforts, focus on the right deals, and identify potential bottlenecks in their sales pipeline.

Shaun ShirazianCPO, Pipedrive

3x more deals won with the Sales Assistant

7 lessons Dominate Sales has learned about using Pipedrive

Our speakers, Sales Director Zahra Jivá and CPO Shaun Shirazian, were joined by guest speaker Kaspar Kuntor from Pipedrive partner Dominate Sales.

Estonian company Dominate Sales has helped 200 customers implement Pipedrive.

Here are Kaspar’s seven top tips to get the most out of Pipedrive:

  1. “It all starts with the pipeline.” Pipedrive’s pipeline is the map to your destination.

  2. “Be honest with yourself.” It’s very important to scrutinize the effectiveness of your endeavors. Then, you can use Pipedrive’s Insights feature to measure the impact of your activities.

  3. “The features don’t work if there aren’t proper usage habits.” You need to first understand how much you will use Pipedrive to get the most out of it. Pipedrive requires discipline and regular use for it to work effectively – think of it as a daily habit, like brushing your teeth.

  4. “Always remember to keep your CRM updated.” You need to adapt to the changing economy and cherish every sales opportunity, but for that to happen, you need to maintain good data-entry habits.

  5. “Do not fear AI. Embrace it.” AI and automation can help you engage with customers. For example, you can use AI to generate prompts and responses to queries or to generate email templates.

  6. “The small stuff counts.” Remember the small stuff, like what car the customer is driving or what their dream holiday destination is.

  7. “Use the contacts timeline.” This powerful feature can help you cross-sell and focus on your best leads and customers – even if you have unique sales pipelines.

Kaspar shared the story of one customer who, building on these lessons, saw growth of 39% in one year of using Pipedrive – a quarter of which the CEO put directly down to Pipedrive.

Pipedrive’s pipeline voted most important in the poll

Kaspar’s first lesson was “It all starts with the pipeline.” That was confirmed by our poll, in which 38% of webinar attendees voted the pipeline as the most important feature.

If you have used a CRM, which features have been most helpful in closing deals?

If you missed the Product Talk webinar, you can watch it below.

The easy and effective CRM that drives growth

We innovate for our customers. As speaker and Pipedrive CPO Shaun Shirazian said during the webinar:

Customer obsession has been in our DNA since day one. This is foundational to not only how we think about building our product, but to how we operate the company end to end. Everything we do is not about features and capabilities. Ultimately, it’s about driving impact for our customers and helping them grow.

In the webinar, Shaun introduced the updates with Pipedrive’s new slogan: “The easy and effective CRM that drives growth.”

Pipedrive can help you:

  • Win more deals by automating and scaling your lead engagement.

  • Let sales data inform your next best decision. Instant insights on your entire sales funnel.

Pipedrive is the CRM tailored to your business. More than just a pipeline, with Pipedrive, you can match your buyers’ journey every step of the way. If you’re new to Pipedrive, you can sign up for a 14-day free Pipedrive trial.

Driving business growth