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Automate Annoying Admin with Pipedrive and Zapier’s New Integration Features

Ever feel like you need an extra team member just to handle all of your seemingly endless data entry and reporting work?

If you’re spending more time on admin tasks rather on actually closing deals - you need to find a way to automate as much of your monotonous work as you possibly can.

Data entry should not be eating into your calendar and sabotaging your results.

You can’t afford to risk missing targets because you’re busy filling out procedural docs and punching out repetitive tasks.

Sales doesn’t wait.

And the teams at Pipedrive and Zapier both know this better than most. Zapier and Pipedrive are both painstakingly designed to make your job easier. Our software is all about simplicity - and when you combine the two tools, you can achieve game-changing increases in you and your team’s productivity.

What is Zapier?

Essentially, Zapier works as a bridge between two different apps.

Think of Zapier as a digital waste management system. Using Zapier allows you to dramatically reduce the time you spend on administrative, repetitive tasks - allowing you to focus on more important strategic work.

There’s a red hot chance you could immediately remove a tedious job from your day-to-day routine with just a couple of clicks inside Zapier.

How Zapier helps you save time on admin in just four steps

  • You can link your web apps with a few clicks, so they can share data.
  • This will pass information between your apps with workflows called ‘Zaps.’
  • You can build processes faster and get more done with clever Zap setups - and you need absolutely no coding knowledge.
  • You can set up new Zaps to connect your apps and start automating simple business processes within minutes.

Connecting Pipedrive with Zapier Can Open Up Thousands of Ways to Customize Your Sales Process

Zapier connects Pipedrive with so many of your favorite apps like Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, and hundreds more!

You can automate information flow between Pipedrive and any of these apps by setting up workflow called ‘Zaps’.

Zaps consist of at least two parts (and they are very easy to set up):

  • A Trigger - The event that starts a Zap.
  • 1 or more Actions - what Zapier can do automatically.

Using Zaps with Pipedrive to Automate Parts of Your Workflows

The Pipedrive integration on Zapier lets you capture information from all your apps and arrange it into your Pipedrive system based on the trigger and actions you set.

The integration works both ways. Your trigger and actions can send information into Pipedrive, and they can send that information out to the other connected apps you are using.

Here’s just a miniature sample of the time-saving beauty of using Pipedrive’s Zapier integration to automate your sales workflows:

New contact setup automations

Your CRM is nothing without contacts; that's the very reason it exists. Keeping it up-to-date is hard. Zapier can do that for you by capturing new leads from other software and automatically adding them to Pipedrive, whether that's from a new form submission or a through a business card you collected at a conference and passed through a scanning app.

Contact profile updates

For many businesses, a sale is your only interaction with a customer. Instead of dealing with multiple isolated and ad hoc interactions in your system, why not add them to your CRM so you can easily follow up and potentially turn them into repeat customers? Zapier can do that too by tapping into your eCommerce store.

Spotlight hot prospects using filters

Aside from purchases, email newsletters may be the best way for you to gather potential leads. If you have a popular email newsletter, you can use filters to find subscribers from interesting companies you’d like to add to your CRM, and have Zapier process them for you.

Here are a few samples of what you can do with Pipedrive and Zapier:

Connect Pipedrive with More than One App with Multi-Step Zaps

You can even develop multi-step Zaps. If you have complex workflows touching multiple apps, you can send your data into the right part of your sales pipeline using Pipedrive’s integration and multi-step Zaps.

You can use Zapier to capture new contacts as leads in Pipedrive. But you don’t need to stop there. You can also look up additional contact information with FullContact, send out a personal email to begin a conversation and add them to a MailChimp list for future marketing communication, all with one Zap.

When a deal matures, a single Zap can add a task to your Todoist account, notify the team on Slack, and prepare a checklist for your sales team in Trello.

No matter how many different apps you use, Multi-Step Zaps allow you to customize an automated workflow according to your specific needs.

It’s a pretty neat tool set to have in your kit bag. Pipedrive and Zapier can automate so much of those administrative tasks so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. You don’t need to hack away with an ax anymore. Pipedrive’s Zapier integration gives you the chainsaw you so desperately need to chop hours of admin out of your work week.

Pipedrive’s Zapier integration Just Got even More Valuable

Zapier has been working away feverishly to take even more administrative work off the hands of Pipedrive customers. The Zapier team has recently released a significant update to the Pipedrive integration.

Here’s just some of the new time-saving possibilities you can explore by using Pipedrive and Zapier to connect your apps:

  • If you want things to update automatically when salespeople leave notes or make changes to big deals or contacts - now you can.
  • Your reporting and monitoring can become so much more powerful if you set up your Zaps to trigger when deals, people, organizations, and activities match your filters on Pipedrive.

And that's not all—from adding followers, attaching files, and updating organizations, this update empowers your existing workflows in so many new ways.

Exactly What’s New in the recent Pipedrive + Zapier Update?

  • New Triggers
    • New Note: Triggers when a new note is created.
    • Updated Deal: Triggers when an existing deal is updated.
    • Updated Person: Triggers when an existing person is updated.
    • Updated Organization: Triggers when an existing organization is updated.
    • Deal Matching Filter: Triggers when a deal matches a Pipedrive filter.
    • Person Matching Filter: Triggers when a person matches a Pipedrive filter.
    • Organization Matching Filter: Triggers when an organization matches a Pipedrive filter.
    • Activity Matching Filter: Triggers when an activity matches a Pipedrive filter.
  • New Actions
    • Create Product: Creates a new product
    • Add Follower: Adds a follower to a deal, person, organization or product.
    • Update Organization: Updates an existing organization.
    • Add Product to Deal: Adds a product to a deal.
    • Attach File: Uploads a file and attaches it to a deal, person, activity, organization, product or note.
  • New Search
    • Find Product: Finds a product by name. Optionally, create one if none are found.

Get Started Now with Your Pipedrive Account and our Zapier Integration

  1. Sign up for a Pipedrive account, and make sure you have a Zapier account too.
  2. Drop by our Zapier Support Page to learn exactly how to integrate your Pipedrive account with Zapier and check out some of the most popular Zaps used by our *|NR_CUSTOMERS_EN|*+ Pipedrive customers.
  3. Try some pre-made Pipedrive integrations and learn more about how Pipedrive works with Zapier
  4. Check out Zapier’s help documentation for details on connecting your account and setting up your first Zap.
  5. Login and build a custom workflow with Pipedrive and Zapier.

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