22 sales memes to help you handle any situation

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Funny sales memes when you need a laugh
Sales memes for when you’ve had a tough phone call
The best sales memes to celebrate closing a deal
Sales memes for dealing with prospects’ excuses
Great sales memes to help pick you back up
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Take a little time for yourself and beat the burnout by joining us as we laugh at a collection of sales humor memes that every sales professional will understand.

Funny sales memes when you need a laugh

Whether you’ve had a rough day or you’re already feeling giggly, if you need a laugh then we’re here for you.

Spongebob sales meme

Source: The Daily Sales

Let’s start strong and bathe in the warm, cozy feeling you get when a sales lead tells you a horror story from one of your main competitors.

Not only do you get to be the good guy, nodding and sympathizing with their ordeal, but you can be safe in the knowledge that you work for a better company (which means you’re actually a better person, right?).

Plus, it’s time for an easy sell or maybe even a big deal (you certainly feel like a big deal).

Be like SpongeBob and smile to yourself as the good times roll.

Willy Wonka sales meme

Source: The Daily Sales

Sales professionals work long hours. In fact, according to our State of Sales 2020-2021 report, 25% work over 50 hours a week!

We might not have to work such long hours if we were selling magical chocolate. Maybe it’s worth sending an email down to Product Development?

stressful sales meme

Source: The Daily Sales

Ah, okay, this one was a little easy, but still, there’s an element of truth in it, that element getting bigger and bigger the closer to the end of the month it gets!

Just look at that face! That’s the face we make when someone underestimates our job. That’s the face we make when their only frame of reference is ‘normal’ jobs - but we’re in sales.

Send help.

(Check out our article on the four-day workweek to see the effect of flexible hours on sales workers’ mental and physical health!)

Sopranos sales meme

Source: @TrueSalesMemes

Now we’re starting to go out in public again, you’ll probably be meeting new people, maybe even outside of work.

Naturally, you’ll slip into your old routine of small talk. You’ll ask them what they do, they’ll ask you, and then you’ll dangle the carrot of being a hotshot seller of an obscure yet revolutionary B2B product they’ve never heard of.

They make the mistake of asking what exactly that product is.

It’s perfect. You didn’t know anyone at this party, but now you’ve got someone to talk to for the rest of the evening. Sorry, talk at. What a great new friend. Never mind their eyes rolled back into their head as you go over CRM or product segmentation.

car sales meme

Source: me.me/t/car-sales

What sort of respectable sales meme article would this be if we didn’t have a car sales meme?

There’s something we can all learn from car salespeople, as well as indulging in a little car sales meme humor.

Check out our article on how to be a good car salesperson. You can thank us later.

Sales memes for when you’ve had a tough phone call

The world of sales can be mean and cutthroat. When you’re not battling it out with your competitors you’re having to soak the punches from your leads as they let you know how they really feel.

If you’ve been having a tough time on the receiving end of a difficult phone call, then we’re here to metaphorically pat you on the shoulder and hope these memes make you laugh.

After all, every sales rep (especially in B2B sales) deserves a cold calling meme.

WWE sales meme

Source: @TrueSalesMemes

Wham! You’ve just settled into your chair and you’ve already taken a rejected cold call to the kisser.

But hey, listen, the next time it won’t hurt so much, right?

That’s just some more sales humor, but you’re used to it. Sales outreach is tough business. You don’t succeed in sales without having a thick skin and the ability to bounce back after getting shut down by a gatekeeper. We know you can do it! Get back in the ring! You got this!

(If this cold calling meme made you realize you do, in fact, need a helping hand with your cold calling, then check out our cold calling scripts.)

Customer incorrect sales meme

Source: @TrueSalesMemes

The customer is always right…

Except when they’re not. Navigating the pitfalls of correcting your customer while remaining professional and providing a positive buying environment can feel like a monumental task.

Like this kid in a laser field, it’s important to move with careful confidence through these conversations. You’re doing this for their benefit, after all.

customer objection sales meme

Source: @TrueSalesMemes

There you are, wrapping up your killer pitch. You’re looking around the room, smiling, and your prospects are smiling back. The decision-makers are nodding. It’s going perfectly.

You finish and ask if there are any questions. Your lead looks around the room and says there’s only one little question they have and it’s one you’ve heard before, you know how to answer.

You leap into a short but powerful explanation of how the issue isn’t an issue at all, squashing it completely and start preparing to close.

The lead politely thanks you for your time, but says they’ve decided not to go with you.

No one knows what happened. You can’t explain it.

You go back to your sales process to try and figure out exactly what went wrong. Did you properly qualify your lead? Perhaps your product is out of their price range? Did you work to build trust?

If you did everything right, this next funny sales meme is for you.

Lisa Simpson sales meme

Source: @TrueSalesMemes

You’re great at your job. You know what your product is, how it differs from the competition and exactly the sort of problems it’s there to solve.

The trouble is your customers don’t.

Sometimes you can give them everything they want and more. It’s like it was made to be. You swoop in like a hero to solve the problem that’s been plaguing them for so long. No need to hard sell, this is a deal that works for everyone.

Yet, they’re going to keep on looking, just to make sure there isn’t anything better out there.

These are the things to keep you up at night.

Elmo sales meme

Source: @TrueSalesMemes

We all know practicing sales interactions by roleplaying can sometimes be a bit awkward.

Your team members aren’t clueless customers, they’re savvy sellers, so it’s never going to be a completely accurate representation of what happens in the real world.

The best sales memes to celebrate closing a deal

It’s not all doom and gloom! Because what happens when the stars align? You close the deal, hit your sales targets and for every time you do, there’s a funny sales meme to go with it.

We’ve gathered the full range of emotional responses in fully relatable successful sale memes for adding a little swagger to your walk when you’re bringing home the deals.

Get ready to share these with your sales team or your connections on LinkedIn.

Salt bae sales meme

Source: The Daily Sales

Salt Bae? More like Sales Bae.

Everywhere you go you add a fine sprinkling of sales magic, seasoning every deal with your skill and competence.

Spongebob closing deal sales meme

Source: The Daily Sales

We all know that swagger.

You part the office doors and enter, everything going into slow motion. Your boss meets your eye and nods approvingly. Your fellow reps hold out their hands for you to slap as you walk by. There’s applause. There’s cheering. There’s the not so modest social media posts.

Closing deals sales meme

Source: @TrueSalesMemes

Sales can be a real endurance event, but it’s worth it for the relief at the end of a closed deal.

Getting another sale sales meme

Source: @TrueSalesMemes

Nothing staves off the fear of losing deals like the warm hug of closing one.

Sales memes for dealing with prospects’ excuses

We’re willing to bet you’ve heard your fair share of excuses from customers.

From the customer’s unrealistic expectations to “let me think about it and get back to you”, there could be one of countless reasons behind their decision.

Here are some funny sales memes to get you through those tough times.

Penny sales meme

Source: The Daily Sales

The classic, go-to excuse for when they don’t want to face your killer sales pitch.

Sure, everyone has meetings. We understand that. They can’t just be sitting by the phone all day, waiting for our call. That’s silly.

But you’ve called 23 separate times this last week, and they’ve been in meetings each and every time. Is that normal?

Sales pitch sales meme

Source: The Daily Sales

People will always want the best deal they can, it’s only natural.

However, when you present it to them on a platter, knowing it’s the best product for them, that it solves all their issues and they do that pause (you know the one), then you know sound reasoning has gone out the window.

There’s nothing you can offer to fully satisfy them. It’s not your fault. You did great.

Futurama sales meme

Source: The Daily Sales

Follow up limbo. It’s a strange and confusing place.

Because if they weren’t interested they’d just pick up your call and politely decline, right?

So, what is it then? We know they’re always in meetings, but surely at some point you’d catch them or they’d respond to one of the voicemails you’ve left?

But you can’t know because they haven’t picked up. So, you might as well keep calling. They may call back one day, hope springs eternal, right?

Put the phone down. Breathe. Now repeat after me: “It’s ok to let some leads go.”

Before you lose their phone number, check out our guide on when to let go of cold leads and why you should.

Cheaper deal sales meme

Source: The Daily Sales

This is more like it.

You won’t make a big thing out of it, no, you’ll be gracious and pretend they never said “no” in the first place.

Take your victory sip, your coffee has never tasted so good!

Great sales memes to help pick you back up

So far, we’ve been plumbing the depths of the common sources of frustration in your day-to-day sales life, but we want to release you back into the world full of the energy you need to keep selling and get to the next level.

So let’s get some sales motivation and enjoy these last sales humor memes about the small victories of the job.

Pirates of the Caribbean sales meme

Source: @TrueSalesMemes

Just like Captain Jack Sparrow, you may blunder from success to success in a comedy of errors, but you command a loyal bunch, rag-tag as they may be, who would follow you anywhere.

So, remember this, when your sales manager comes over to give you a talking to (and tries to ignore the pirate outfit you’ve started wearing to work recently): Your legend travels far.

Uncle Phil sales meme

Source: The Daily Sales

There’s a reason you got into sales.

You’re ambitious and you like closing deals, sure, but you’re also a people person. You spend most of your time talking to people, after all.

Sometimes that can catch you by surprise, you forget how good at talking to people you are and you accidentally make a friend.

It’s a truly wonderful thing to make a human connection and it can happen at any time. Just why did it have to happen now?

Struggling sales meme

Source: @TrueSalesMemes

No matter who you are and how good you are at selling, there are going to be times when you fall behind your quota.

Don’t worry, because other people will too, and what better touchstone for you to bond over?

So, the next time you and your friend have gotten caught in the fence of poor sales figures, at least you can nudge each other to remind yourselves that everything is definitely okay and things will get better.

Power Rangers Sales Meme

Source: The Daily Sales

There’s no denying meetings can be a mixed bag, but when they go well, you can see it in everyone’s faces. The coordination, the trust, the confidence. That’s what it means to be a team.

Final thoughts

While things may seem to have changed with the pandemic, maybe a lot is still familiar after all. Execs still in meetings? Cheer up, cold caller. We’re all in the same boat, and we’re all still facing the same old challenges and triumphing over them.

Keep your head up, put your best foot forward and go out there and sell like the champion you are. If things don’t always go your way, then remember: There are some funny sales memes out there that will help you laugh your way through the pain.

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