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15 of the best video calling apps for your business

Video Calling Apps
Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
Zoom Meetings
MeetRecord AI
Video calling apps FAQs

Video calling and video chat apps are essential business tools, enabling employees to connect face-to-face with colleagues, prospects and customers, and build stronger relationships.

Integrating the following video calling apps and video chat apps with your CRM software makes your video sales calls even more powerful, providing potential customers with a better experience. The below list contains the best-quality video calling apps and software.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a popular video conferencing service developed by Google that enables you to launch a secure video meeting quickly. You can join from any web browser or download the video chat app onto your mobile device (i.e., Apple iPhone, Samsung Android phone, iPad, etc.)

You may be asking yourself, “How much is Google Meet?” The good news is that anyone with a Google Account can create a video meeting and invite up to 100 participants to meet for up to 60 minutes at no cost.

What’s more, Google Meet offers the following features:

  • Schedule meetings: Easily schedule video meetings with prospects and customers.

  • Join meetings: Join scheduled meetings with just one click.

  • Sync with Google Calendar: Google Meet calls are automatically synced with your Google Calendar, ensuring you never miss an important meeting.

  • Seamless integration: The Google Meet app integrates seamlessly with many tools so that you can manage all your sales activities in one place.

You can integrate Google Meet with Pipedrive. Incorporate Google Meet video calls into any task on Pipedrive and instantly forward an exclusive meeting link to all participants.

Handle the entire procedure from your CRM while ensuring your clients’ data is accessible and protected through end-to-end encryption.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams group video calling app allows you to group chat with up to 10,000 people at once with unlimited call time. You can host audio calls with people inside or outside your organization and live events in real time.

When you install Teams, you install part of the Office 365 suite of applications, one of the most efficient cloud-based team collaboration tools. The core features include business messaging, voice calls, video meetings and file sharing.

When you download Microsoft Teams, you unlock these powerful features:

  • Show participants: See a list of meeting participants and mute individuals on the call. You can also search for other Teams users and copy the meeting link or share the invite via email.

  • Share content: Share your screen, launch a PowerPoint presentation or open and screen-share integrated apps (such as Microsoft Whiteboard).

  • Show conversations: Also known as the meeting group chat feature, users can type messages, mark them as important and have fun with emojis, gifs and stickers.

  • Breakout rooms: Create sub-meetings within the main Teams meeting. Organizations can choose how many breakout rooms they need to assign participants automatically (into equal-sized rooms) or manually assign participants to rooms.

With Pipedrive, you can now schedule, manage and participate in Microsoft Teams meetings effortlessly. Stay informed about deals, people, organizations and activities in real time with automatic updates from Pipedrive to Microsoft Teams. The “proposed times” feature lets you schedule and join video meetings directly from Pipedrive.

Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings is an online video conferencing software that enables its users to connect in webinars, video conferences, group video calls and real-time chats. It's accessible through both desktop and mobile applications and can be used for free. Users can create unlimited meetings with a maximum of 100 participants.

Some key features of Zoom video conferencing include:

  • Audio transcription: Keep track of what’s being said with Zoom’s transcribe feature that transcribes your meeting’s audio and imports the transcription as a VTT file.

  • Breakout rooms: Zoom breakout rooms allow you to take care of a large group of participants and divide them into subgroups if needed. Once a room is created, the host assigns a sub-host to each sub-group of participants to manage a large project.

  • Disable audio/video: Avoid unnecessary disruptions by turning off your camera or microphone. Zoom allows you to automatically turn off your camera and mic when joining a meeting.

  • Integrate third-party apps: Zoom can be integrated with third-party integrations, like Pipedrive.

With Pipedrive’s Zoom integration, you can easily generate and distribute personalized meeting links for each call you schedule. One-click access to video calls and real-time access to customer information helps you better understand your prospects.

Make Zoom meeting scheduling, sending links and logging activities a breeze so that you can streamline your remote selling process.

Fireflies is a voice assistant that uses artificial intelligence to record, jot down important points and perform tasks during meetings. The AI assistant, Fred, works seamlessly with the most popular web-conferencing platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. also integrates with applications like Pipedrive.

Key features of include:

  • Record and transcribe meetings: Instantly record meetings across all major web-conferencing platforms and transcribe live meetings or audio files you upload. Skim the transcripts and listen to the audio simultaneously.

  • Collaborate and Integrate: Add comments and flag important moments on calls for teammates to review quickly. Your meeting notes, transcripts and recordings are automatically synced with tools and platforms you already use.

  • Search Calls: Review an hour-long call in less than 5 minutes. Filter action items, dates and metrics.

  • Analyze Meetings: Conversation Intelligence generates insights around topic trends, talk time and sentiment. The conversation intelligence suite helps you identify what is and is not on calls. With insights, you can coach your sales team to close more deals.

With the integration, you no longer need to take notes during calls, so you can focus on the conversation and forge more effective relationships. Your meeting notes and complete transcriptions will automatically route to your contact and deal records in Pipedrive.


Demodesk is a platform designed to help revenue teams conduct meetings efficiently. The platform provides live coaching to representatives during calls, streamlines non-selling tasks through automation and offers valuable insights into sales conversations. This tool is essential for any professional looking to improve their sales game.

Demodesk helps revenue teams increase consistency and quota attainment across the team, improve data quality and increase sales productivity with the following features:

  • Automate scheduling: As a sales professional, it is essential to automate your scheduling process to ensure no information is omitted. Automating your scheduling process can help you book more meetings, achieve fair meeting distribution and improve the speed of your lead engagement.

  • Boost customer engagement: Enable your potential customers to engage with your sales content or product without the need to share your cluttered desktop screen. Facilitate a smooth and interactive meeting environment that allows your sales team to concentrate on closing the deal.

  • Guide sellers in real time: Ensure every meeting has the ideal playbook. Keep prospects engaged with customized pitches and interactive materials automatically.

  • Understand what’s working: Enhance your sales team's visibility and grasp the secrets behind the success of top sales representatives. Utilize these valuable insights to provide large-scale coaching and accelerate the onboarding process of new reps with advanced real-time monitoring and top-notch data analysis.

You can integrate Demodesk with Pipedrive to get even more out of the tool.


Tactiq is an efficient tool that eliminates the need for taking notes and ensures that no information is missed. Whether you’re on sales calls, team meetings, online classes, customer interviews or product research, Tactiq captures every conversation and speech, allowing you to focus on the discussion at hand. It’s a high-quality, professional-grade solution that streamlines your note-taking process and enables you to be fully present in the moment.

Key features of Tactiq include:

  • Record Google Meet Live captions

  • Record Zoom Live captions

  • Save Google Meet captions

  • Save Zoom captions

  • Get a transcript with speaker identification and timestamps

Tactiq offers transcription services for both Tactiq for Zoom and Tactiq for Google Meet. The platform allows users to highlight essential information, tag action items for follow-up, and save chat and screenshot records. Tactiq also provides a summary of all the transcribed content for easy reference. Integrate Tactiq with Pipedrive for even more automation.


WebinarGeek is a professional video conferencing platform that helps companies live-stream presentations, share pre-recorded videos, record live webinars and handle on-demand webinars. No information is left out in this software designed for businesses.

Key features of Webinar Geek include:

  • The ability to co-present

  • Shareable presentations

  • Screen sharing

  • Mobile access

  • Social media promotion

  • Customizable branding

With Pipedrive’s WebinarGeek integration, you can transfer your WebinarGeek contacts to Pipedrive without any missing details. This integration allows you to generate leads based on activities related to webinars, such as registrations and views. As a professional, you can rely on this seamless integration to streamline your workflow and enhance your marketing strategies.


What is Bonjoro? Bonjoro lets you send personal videos to new leads and customers so you can build trust, stand out and make more sales.

Key features of Bonjoro include:

  • Speed up sales cycles and close more deals by sending a personal video to a lead or customer when a contact has been added, a deal has been created or a deal stage has been updated

  • Track interactions with your Bonjoro videos in real time and add eye-catching call-to-actions that drive business-critical outcomes like demo bookings, landing page views and purchases

  • Remove the frustration of requesting, managing and publishing happy customer testimonials on social media and other platforms with one simple no-code platform

Bonjoro is created to blend in perfectly with your Pipedrive sales and marketing funnels. The Pipedrive-Bonjoro integration facilitates the use of personalized video messages to attract new prospects and leads, as well as to welcome new customers and maintain existing relationships. With Bonjoro, all your needs are met with seamless integration.


Meetergo is software designed to make scheduling appointments easy, regardless of your location. This software allows you to manage your appointments, receive payments and join calls on one platform. It is a professional tool that simplifies the process of scheduling appointments.

Some key features of Meetergo:

  • Configure your availability and only get booked when you want

  • Hold a webinar, team, group event or individual meeting

  • Link, embed, or create a QR code – share your availability with just one click or as a QR code on your business card

  • Lead routing, notifications, automation and integrations

Meetergo increases your conversions and enables your sales team to turn incoming leads into new customers quickly and efficiently. Reduce lead response time to one minute and increase your sales with the Meetergo and Pipedrive integration.

MeetRecord AI

MeetRecord is an AI that helps you analyze phone calls and video calls. The AI tool enables sales teams to capture intelligence, implement real-world coaching and close deals faster.

Some of its powerful features include:

  • Capture and analyze interactions: MeetRecord offers a straightforward and adaptable way to document and evaluate all virtual meetings, ensuring no interaction is overlooked.

  • Understand what drives performance: To ensure the success of the entire team, it is important to analyze the patterns and behaviors exhibited by top performers and replicate them. This way, the team can adopt winning strategies and improve their overall performance.

  • Make better data-driven decisions: Enable data-informed decision-making across your company by providing everyone with direct access to your customers’ feedback. This will allow you to quickly share insights and queries with different teams, such as product, marketing and leadership, in order to achieve your objectives more efficiently.

Integrate MeetRecord AI with Pipedrive to improve processes even further.


Ciara is exclusively built for inside sales teams. It helps sales professionals close deals faster by guiding sellers in real time with contextual prompts, automated meeting documentation, in-depth conversation and deal insights.

Ciara provides the following features:

  • A video conference platform

  • In-call guidance with real-time cue cards, such as relevant talking points or monologue alerts

  • Recording and transcription for English and German meetings

  • In-depth conversation analysis

  • Automated meeting summaries

  • Instant CRM updates

With the help of automated recording, transcription and summarization, you can now say goodbye to incomplete or disorganized meeting notes.

The Pipedrive and Ciara integration offers AI-based conversation and deal insights, enabling you to enhance and refine your successful sales strategies. During a meeting, you can conveniently deal with challenging scenarios such as competitor comparisons or pricing questions by using contextual and customizable cues.


With ClientPoint, e-signing documents, online scheduling, meetings and automated cross-platform content sharing are all in one place.

ClientPoint has the following benefits:

  • Enterprises can create personalized proposals using templates and send them to their customers instantly. This professional service ensures that no information is left out, and clients receive a tailored proposal as per their requirements.

  • Connect ClientPoint with CRM tools and accounting software to ensure that all client information is synchronized and securely stored in a centralized location – keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

  • Individuals have the ability to incorporate interactive multimedia materials, such as videos and images, into their proposals. This feature allows for a more engaging and dynamic presentation.

  • Online mode allows sales administrators to approve and electronically sign proposals, ensuring speedy execution of the proposals. This feature helps to streamline the process and enhance efficiency in the sales department.

  • ClientPoint’s user-friendly interface keeps a comprehensive record of a proposal’s progress and delivers real-time updates and detailed information to users.

With the Pipedrive-ClientPoint integration, you can transform your CRM into a powerful tool that brings your crucial business relationships to the forefront. No information is left out and the result is a professional and effective solution.


Verticalls is a video conferencing software designed for sales teams, offering video chat and conferencing capabilities. This tool includes a range of features such as checklists, sales presentations, evaluations, phone calls, notes, chat and audio recording – all time-stamped and recorded in high-definition video quality.

Verticalls’ key features include:

  • Organize virtual sales meetings with your toolbox (checklists, battle cards, arguments, recordings, evaluations, presentations without screen sharing, etc.). All interactions during the call are recorded, transcribed and analyzed by AI.

  • After the call, you can retrieve all the information in an interactive report. Verticall also stores your call history.

  • You can analyze all your sales team’s virtual meetings with Verticalls enhanced analytics tool and leverage its performance.

The Pipedrive and Verticalls integration provides everything your sales team needs to convert more customers quickly and effortlessly.


Livestorm is a comprehensive platform for webinar video conferencing, designed to assist businesses in developing effective video communication strategies. With Livestorm, marketing, sales, customer success and HR teams can swiftly create online events that incorporate live video conferencing, ensuring that their audience is engaged and informed.

Livestorm is a browser-based video communication platform that lets teams organize their online events on one video conferencing site from any device they want. Livestorm video conference platform provides all of the tools needed to:

  • Create custom video-calling websites with landing pages

  • Send promotional emails and reminders

  • Host engaging online events with integrated chat, polls and Q&A

  • Analyze event performance through advanced analytics dashboards

Pipedrive’s integration with Livestorm enables you to send data from your Livestorm webinars to Pipedrive CRM for video production purposes and to help qualify your leads.


Vyte is a piece of software that helps groups schedule meetings. By combining Vyte’s conference scheduling solutions and group scheduling software with Pipedrive, activities and contacts can be automatically generated from appointments made on Vyte.

  • Group meeting scheduler: Create meeting availability polls to determine the availability of each attendee.

  • Prevent double bookings: Vyte helps you stay organized and avoid double booking by automatically blocking off slots in your calendar that have already been reserved for an event. No one else can schedule a meeting or book your time during those reserved slots.

  • Meeting reminders: Reduce no-shows with automated meeting reminders.

  • Available on all devices: You can access your Vyte calendar and dashboard from any device, including Mac and Apple devices, to stay updated on your appointments throughout the day and never miss an important meeting or task.

By integrating Vyte with Pipedrive, you can automate the creation of activities and contacts when appointments are made on Vyte. Whenever a client schedules an appointment via your booking page, a meeting activity will automatically be recorded on Pipedrive. No important details are missed, streamlining your workflow for maximum productivity.

Integrating the best video chat apps with Pipedrive is easy. Pick the app you want to use from the Pipedrive Marketplace and follow the simple installation instructions. A couple of clicks and you’re done. Discover the best video-calling apps to boost your sales today.

Video calling apps FAQs

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