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Combine Web Visitors and Prospector credits to reveal the contact info of visitors to your website

Web Visitors and Prospector Credits

See which companies are visiting your website with Web Visitors and reveal their contact details with Prospector credits.

Web Visitors users can track which organizations are looking at your site, how they found you and how they engage with your content.

You can now use Prospector credits within the Web Visitors tool to reveal the emails, direct phone numbers and social accounts of relevant people for each organization visiting your site, making it easier to follow up with high-quality leads.

Web Visitors list within Pipedrive

Prospector, part of our LeadBooster add-on, lets you use credits to reveal verified contact information of matches from a database of 400 million profiles. LeadBooster subscribers also get 10 free Prospector credits each month to help them find new leads.

Once you’ve revealed the info of your contacts using Prospector credits, you can add these contacts as Leads directly from Web Visitors.

What can Web Visitors do?

Web Visitor tracking provides another level of detail above widely used software like Google Analytics.

You can find out which companies are interested in your products and services, where your web traffic is coming from and what the user does when they get there. This can be particularly useful when optimizing your website and marketing campaigns.

Leadbooster within Pipedrive

By having greater visibility of who’s coming to your site, you can spend more time following up with good leads rather than chasing speculative opportunities.

You can also rest assured that tracking web visitors is compliant, as long as you make it clear you’re using tracking technology on your website (for example, via your privacy, terms of use and cookies policy).

You also need to follow the rules governing what you can do with customer data and give prospects the option to opt out of your marketing communications.

How do I get started with Web Visitors and Prospector credits?

You can set up your Web Visitors subscription from $41 per month.

If you’re a Web Visitors user who doesn’t have a LeadBooster subscription, you can now add the LeadBooster add-on and get your Prospector credits within the Web Visitors tool.

Users who have both Web Visitors and LeadBooster subscriptions, but don’t have Prospector credits, will be able to buy Prospector credits from the Web Visitors feature page.

Please note: All new LeadBooster companies will have access to this new benefit. However, a very small number of existing LeadBooster companies (mostly those still on an old promotion) do not have access to the 10 free monthly credits quite yet, but we aim to have them migrated very soon.

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