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Improve your customer support workflow with the Pipedrive-Zendesk integration

Pipedrive Zendesk Integration

Our new Pipedrive-Zendesk Support integration gives sales and support reps the added visibility they need to improve their customer communication.

By integrating Zendesk with Pipedrive, you can access Pipedrive data in Zendesk, and vice versa, without needing to switch between apps.

Once the Pipedrive-Zendesk app is installed, Pipedrive users will be able to pull the following information from Zendesk:

  • Ticket number, subject and status

  • Ticket creation date and last update time

  • Participants

Conversely, Zendesk users will be able to see the following Pipedrive data:

  • Deal title and status

  • Deal value and its currency

  • Last update time

As a result, users will be able to see all the information they need to quickly solve customer queries and enhance the customer experience.

Zendesk provides a customer service ticketing system to help companies track, prioritize and solve requests. When used in tandem with Pipedrive’s top-rated CRM platform, you can optimize your customer support workflow and easily access the info you need when you need it.

You can find and install the Zendesk app via our Marketplace, along with nearly 300 other apps covering the whole revenue cycle.

Our Zendesk app is the latest native integration with a much-loved tool that we’ve developed to help our customers. Stay tuned for more major integrations in 2022.

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