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How Ari Motors GmbH increased its sales tenfold with Pipedrive

Ari Motors GmbH sells small electrically-powered commercial vehicles for B2B customers, including electric transporters to e-cars and equipment carriers to cargo mopeds.

The company name “Ari” comes from the Japanese for “ant”. Like the insect, Ari Motors wants its vehicles to embody characteristics such as strength, maneuverability and perseverance.

The company’s precisely customized vehicles, under the umbrella brand “Ari Motors”, are meeting increased demand for e-vehicles with the help of Pipedrive’s CRM.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Location: Saxony, Germany
  • Key feature: LeadBooster
Ari Motors GmbH and Pipedrive Case Study


Ari Motors GmbH has increased sales tenfold


The company is also generating ten times as many inquiries


The team has grown from 2 employees to 31

Bye-bye spreadsheets: Digitized sales drive growth

As long as the number of customers and sales was still manageable, the company could manage customer data with simple tools such as spreadsheets and tables.

With the growing popularity of electric mobility in recent years, the demand for e-vehicles in the B2B sector has increased enormously.

As success and sales grew, the tools Ari Motors was using became increasingly confusing and cumbersome to handle. The large volume of customers and deals demanded a professional solution that not only saved time but also actively supported the company’s ongoing growth. Pipedrive delivered that solution.

We wanted to rely on digitized distribution from the very beginning. After using Outlook and Excel for a short time, we quickly switched to Pipedrive. Customer management and the entire sales process have become more efficient and targeted. CRM and pipeline management have given our sales department more capacity for the most important thing: selling. It was also important to us that the CRM system would grow with us.

Thomas KuwatschCFO, Ari Motors GmbH

Why Ari Motors chose Pipedrive

For Ari Motors one of Pipedrive’s most important CRM improvements is that all customer information, current buying processes and buying history are in one central place. This information hub can be accessed by salespeople at any time, so they always have up-to-date information about the customer’s location within the customer journey.

Tedious searches, repeated explanations and the sharing of outdated data are now things of the past. Customers, like employees, benefit, as their buying experience runs smoothly. Individually customized pipelines show the current status of the buying process at a glance. LeadBooster, in turn, ensures a steady inflow of new leads at various levels.

Everything in one place – that is the main advantage in our daily dealings with CRM. We also rely very heavily on LeadBooster, because we see our website as our virtual shop. When someone visits the website, LeadBooster naturally addresses the person, just as you would expect in the store. The personal touch makes a big difference in the digital environment and a tool like this is basically what every website needs. The cost/benefit ratio was another decision criterion for Pipedrive.

Thomas KuwatschCFO, Ari Motors GmbH

How Ari Motors uses multiple pipelines and automations

Ari Motors GmbH builds pipelines in different categories that are aligned with the respective requirements of their customer journey. The individual phases are visualized and clearly mapped as segments of the pipeline. Each pipeline reflects highly specialized processes, refined over time, that are precisely tailored to Ari Motors, its customer base and its workforce.

Workflow automations, which take over a whole range of routine tasks, are adapted depending on the pipeline so that the sales staff can be relieved of routine and administrative tasks.

We currently work with 30 different pipelines. The pipelines provide transparency and structure, making it easier for all parties involved in the process to maintain an overview and drive deals forward. It is also easier for us to discover and implement optimization potential. Often the individual pipelines are linked to automated workflows, which then make pipeline processing more reliable and easier.

Thomas KuwatschCFO, Ari Motors GmbH

Ari Motors Vehicles

Making giant strides toward new markets

The company is bringing agile, versatile and powerful electric vehicles to the market in Germany and Europe. With convincing products, strong sales and a clever technical infrastructure in Pipedrive’s CRM, nothing stands in the way of this plan: clear the road for Ari Motors GmbH!

In 2018, we successfully entered the German market – at that time under a different name. Since 2019, Ari Motors has served as the umbrella brand for our constantly growing product range.
With Pipedrive as our partner, we have a solid foundation and the right conditions to tackle internationalization in the EU. Our goal is to open up new markets while continuously expanding our range of cost-effective and powerful electric commercial vehicles on German and European roads.

Daniel JacobCEO, Ari Motors GmbH

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