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How Falcon uses CRM software to manage customer success

Social media management platform Falcon enables enterprise teams to work together to achieve better business results. Falcon uses Pipedrive to manage the sales process, customer success, account management and marketing.

  • Industry: Agency/Technology
  • Location: Denmark
  • Key feature: Custom fields


Number of people on their team that use Pipedrive


Customer satisfaction level


Number of new leads added a day

The challenge

Most companies use Pipedrive for managing sales, but many, like Falcon, have found other clever uses for it.

In the early stages of Falcon’s business, Pipedrive was solely used by the sales team but now they have expanded the CRM to include their customer success, accounts, and marketing teams too.

Besides their own platform for social media management, Falcon uses a variety of tools to manage, optimize and measure activities across and within departments. Pipedrive’s ability to connect, via Zapier, with their other web apps like Mailchimp, ORBTR, and Google Docs is very important to them and is one of the reasons they continue to utilize the CRM solution.

We have been using Pipedrive from the very beginning. The ability to collaborate in real time as well as the possibility to integrate with other tools in our stack is important and has enabled us to expand our use of Pipedrive beyond just sales management.

May LaursenMarketing Operations Manager

Since our customer success team provides a lot of support to prospects during presales, using Pipedrive helps us speak the same language as our sales colleagues, bringing our teams closer together. In the end, it also brings us closer to the customers, understanding their needs, as well as mapping their relationship with us.

May LaursenMarketing Operations Manager

The solution

Rather than build an elaborate CRM system from scratch to map out their customers and engagement strategy, they decided to continue in Pipedrive, taking each deal they won, with all of the golden nuggets from the sales cycle, and using it to map out each customer’s specific “success” criteria, together with the key financial/invoicing information.

The results

Due to their unified approach to social media management, multicultural team representing more than 33 nationalities and use of Pipedrive, Falcon is experiencing unprecedented growth.

We now have over 120 active Pipedrive users and are adding more than a hundred new leads every day. What’s more, we boast a very low churn rate and a customer satisfaction level of 98%!

May LaursenMarketing Operations Manager

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