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How TEAM Main d’œuvre increased its efficiency tenfold with Pipedrive and GRO Agency

Montreal-based TEAM Main d’œuvre is a prominent player in the construction industry, focusing on labor contracting for various sites.

With the help of Pipedrive partner GRO Agency, the company adopted the CRM to manage its operations efficiently. After onboarding Pipedrive, TEAM Main d’œuvre more than doubled its annual revenue in one year and has also almost tripled the size of its team.

The company has also reduced contract processing time from 30 minutes to just three minutes.

  • Industry: Construction
  • Location: Canada
  • Partner: GRO Acency
TEAM Main D'Ouerve GRO Agency


Employee count has grown from 20 to 54


Revenue increased from $1.8 million to $4.5 million in one year


Contracts took 30 minutes to process; now they take three

The problem TEAM Main d’œuvre faced

The company used to record data and processes manually, making it nearly impossible to track and manage operations effectively. This system caused issues in the contract management process and hindered the company’s efficiency and ability to grow.

Before adopting the solution, I had a completely manual management system for my business, with paper notes, post-its and billing based on Excel. This method was inefficient and didn’t allow me to track my operations effectively.

Thomas TousignantCEO, TEAM Main d’œuvre

TEAM Main D'oeuvre
I was looking for a solution that would optimize my operations and simplify the management of my business. I also wanted to leverage technology, especially Pipedrive, to maximize process efficiency. Before meeting Cliff, I knew there were many tools available, but I didn’t know which ones would best suit my needs.
The exceptional service I’ve received from Cliff since our first meeting really made the difference. The GRO Agency team was extremely attentive to my needs and understood my problems, which built a strong sense of trust. Additionally, the tailored Pipedrive solution seamlessly integrated into my operations, which was a huge advantage.

Thomas TousignantCEO, TEAM Main d’œuvre

How Pipedrive provides TEAM Main d’œuvre with a solution

In order to overhaul operations, the company embraced Pipedrive via GRO Agency’s personalized service. This CRM solution was not just about technological integration, but also about finding a system that could mirror the company’s ambitions for growth and productivity.

GRO Agency, particularly Cliff Cheung, worked with the construction suppliers to understand TEAM Main d’œuvre’s core needs, ensuring that Pipedrive was not just another tool, but a tailored solution for their complex problems.

How Pipedrive saves the team a week’s worth of time

There was a period of adjustment as Thomas and the team were more accustomed to manual methods. However, thanks to Cliff’s support and coaching, Thomas quickly realized that the Pipedrive tools and integrations GRO Agency had implemented were essential to his operations.

Thanks to your solution, the contract process now takes only 3 minutes. This means that for 100 contracts sent, I save 2,700 minutes, which is 45 hours, equivalent to a week of vacation! I can even send contracts while grocery shopping, demonstrating how it has simplified my professional life. I can now manage a larger team with less effort, contributing to significant business growth.

Thomas TousignantCEO, TEAM Main d’œuvre

I have plans to expand the use of your solution in the future. I know I’ll need assistance in planning these upcoming steps, but I’m confident that your solution will continue to play a key role in my business’s growth.

Thomas TousignantCEO, TEAM Main d’œuvre

What’s next for TEAM Main d'œuvre?

The company’s journey with Pipedrive has been transformative. It has moved from laborious manual processes to streamlined, efficient operations, with the CRM playing a pivotal role in reducing workload and increasing productivity.

This digital transformation led to impressive revenue growth and an increased ability to manage a significantly larger team.

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