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How TrekkSoft doubled signups by scaling up with personalization

Swiss company TrekkSoft provides online booking and payment software for tour and activity providers in the travel industry.

  • Industry: Travel
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Key feature: Sales pipeline

Through clever use of Pipedrive and its integrations, TrekkSoft doubled signups by personalizing at scale.


TrekkSoft doubled signups using personalization.


Emails sent to prospects in a week (up from 500).


The amount productivity increased with Pipedrive.

The challenge

TrekkSoft wanted to create more effective, tailored marketing by targeting campaigns based on geography and vertical markets (i.e. diving instructors in Cancun or historical tour operators in San Francisco). Before Pipedrive, this entailed a lot of manual work, copying data across spreadsheets and then copying it into Mailchimp.

We wanted to use the email automation features that Mailchimp offers, but also keep the data accurate in Pipedrive. We needed a way to increase efficiency.

Robert LedererTrekkSoft’s VP of Sales

When we have deals moving from one pipeline to another, like in the case of moving from the Leads Inbox to the Deals view, we use a custom integration of Mailchimp and Pipedrive APIs. To automatically change stages, we use Zapier. The API is mainly used to connect Mailchimp and our internal databases. When we receive new information about our clients, in addition to that initially mined, our sales reps make the updates in Pipedrive. Then, it gets automatically synced over to Mailchimp, which means we’re able to build really targeted segments for better message targeting.

Robert LedererTrekkSoft’s VP of Sales

The solution

Today, TrekkSoft uses Pipedrive as the database for all their leads and Pipedrive’s filters to create targeted segments. They then use Zapier to pull this filtered list into Mailchimp, where they send out highly tailored emails to specific segments.

The lists are also sent to Mailchimp depending on the specific activities that are done by TrekkSoft’s sales reps. For example, they reach out to a potential customer and then move them forward to another stage. This action potentially triggers the customer being unsubscribed from their "Marketing List" and then subscribed to another list (i.e."Tips and Tricks" or "Getting Started”).

Zapier helps TrekkSoft to sync the data they have in Pipedrive with Mailchimp, so that they can further refine and clean up data in their marketing campaigns.

The results

Since implementing the Pipedrive, Mailchimp and Zapier integrations, TrekkSoft has gone from sending out about 500 emails a week to prospective new customers to about 4,000 a week.

We've been able to a quadruple our productivity, which has resulted in a higher rate of qualified leads and new sign-ups. All in all, we've about doubled the number of sign-ups since we've been pushing things through with the new custom integration and optimized it.

Robert LedererTrekkSoft’s VP of Sales

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