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How Zonduurzaam uses integrations to automate every part of its revenue process

Zonduurzaam is a Dutch renewable energy installation company that prides itself on building long-term customer relationships.

Unlike other companies that focus on installing the technology, Zonduurzaam’s mission is to provide sustainable energy solutions to households and businesses in the Netherlands while being a trusted advisor to its customers.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: The Netherlands
  • Key feature: Integrations
Zonduurzaam Case Study


Zonduurzaam has grown from just 10 employees to 100 in 2 years

No 1.

Zonduurzaam has integrated a dozen tools, including Pipedrive

The challenge Zonduurzaam faced

Zonduurzaam’s rapid growth presented several challenges, including the need for a streamlined sales process and better customer relationship management. The company required a scalable CRM solution that could keep up with its growth while providing automation and integrations to improve its workflows.

It needed a simple, straightforward system that wouldn’t require extensive training. Zonduurzaam also wanted to create a data-driven culture – a key company goal for 2023 – which would allow the team to make data-informed decisions to enhance business performance and growth.

The installation industry in Holland is still quite traditional. Most renewable energy and solar installation companies are simply focused on connecting customers with installers who can get the job done. At Zonduurzaam, we want to go the extra mile, providing information and honest advice to our customers and building a long-term relationship.

Maarten DikHead of Marketing, Zonduurzaam

The solution Pipedrive provides

Zonduurzaam found the perfect solution in Pipedrive. The software’s Automations feature has helped the team streamline its customer intake process, allowing it to quickly and efficiently follow up with every contact.

Zonduurzaam has created a connection between Pipedrive and its phone system, which instantly logs customer calls. This has improved follow-up times, allowing sales reps to quickly and efficiently respond to inquiries and build personal relationships with new customers.

Pipedrive was recommended to us by another company that was using it. We were just a small company, so we weren’t sure how much use we’d get out of it, especially since we had other tools in use already. However, as we started to grow, we quickly realized how much easier it would be to have everything in one place. And Pipedrive allows us to do exactly that.
We’re still figuring it all out as we go along. The team at Pipedrive has been really helpful, and we’re making a lot of use of the Projects, Automations and API connection features. For example, we’re connecting Pipedrive to a customer service application to integrate the whole system with our accounting software.

Maarten DikHead of Marketing, Zonduurzaam

The Results

Since implementing Pipedrive, Zonduurzaam has significantly improved its sales process. The team can now manage leads more effectively and prioritize sales activities based on their pipeline stage. The software has also allowed sales task automation, reducing the workload on sales representatives and enabling them to focus on building stronger customer relationships.

With Pipedrive’s automation, project management and integration solutions, Zonduurzaam has been able to streamline workflows, create a more data-driven culture and make informed decisions that boost revenue.

When we started with Pipedrive, we had just ten employees. Before long, it was thirty, and right now, including our installers, Zonduurzaam is a team of one hundred people. As we grew, we focused on keeping our systems and processes simple and effective. We’ve seen significant growth as a result, which is a really encouraging sign.

Maarten DikHead of Marketing, Zonduurzaam

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