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Campaigns by Pipedrive

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Upgrade your email marketing with Pipedrive

Campaigns by Pipedrive is a powerful email marketing service that enables you to level up your sales and growth activity. Now you can create stunning newsletters, automate email marketing campaigns, improve customer engagement and manage your contact data all within your CRM solution.

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Advanced email marketing and sales features

Campaigns by Pipedrive gives you a simple yet powerful email marketing tool to create, track and optimize the perfect emails across the customer journey. Whether you’re an enterprise company or a small business, harness your CRM data in your next email campaign.

Create customizable, attention-grabbing emails from templates using our drag-and-drop email builder

Grow and nurture your prospects into sales-ready leads and track their progress across the pipeline

Target audiences and personalize your email campaigns with advanced filtering capabilities that enable segmentation

Monitor and optimize campaigns, track opens and get results with real-time reporting

Keep all of your customer data in one centralized location for the ultimate team alignment

Maintain a 360-degree vision of your revenue cycle to ensure business goals are met

Pipedrive vs. Mailchimp comparison

Campaigns by Pipedrive puts all of your marketing and sales data in one place. Increase customer engagement with advanced features like easy-to-build email campaigns, real-time tracking and intuitive insights.

Integrate your email marketing with a powerful CRM system, with pipeline management and dozens of great features, rather than relying on the Mailchimp CRM.

Mailchimp’s free plan places an ad in your emails. The Essentials Plan is the first paid plan with an ad-free experience so we’ll compare its functionality with the equivalent Campaigns tier.

Campaigns by Pipedrive
Mailchimp Essentials

List filtering

Customizable templates

Customizable report dashboards

Sales and marketing native to one tool

Email workflow automations


$16/mo billed monthly for the Campaigns add-on for 1000 contacts

Starting at $11/mo billed for 500 contacts

Automate your activities to streamline communication

Campaigns by Pipedrive provides user-friendly advanced automation workflows that enable marketing teams to communicate with customers more effectively.

For example, adding a new lead to your CRM software automatically creates activities for that new contact as they move through the sales pipeline. Set Pipedrive to send a personalized email when leads complete a task and nurture them through constant contact management.

Pipedrive is consistently adding new email marketing automation features to Campaigns, with powerful automated sequences to qualify and nurture leads.

Create more effective sales funnels

Most email marketing platforms are single-use automation tools. Pipedrive stands apart by offering an all-in-one CRM and email marketing solution with hundreds of integrations and advanced reporting features for all your business needs. Mailchimp CRM, by comparison, is missing key features that small businesses need to ensure a great customer experience.

Pipedrive’s CRM platform helps shorten your sales cycles by fine-tuning your sales and marketing alignment. With shared insights, Pipedrive’s marketing features enable you to nurture leads, identify loyal customers and track key metrics from one intuitive platform.

How Pipedrive Campaigns helps you grow your business

Fine-tune your email marketing workflow and create and optimize impactful campaigns that drive customer loyalty with Campaigns by Pipedrive. Whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced email marketer, here’s how Campaigns can help you achieve your business goals.

Integrate with your favorite sales and marketing tools

Enhance your CRM and email marketing software by connecting all of your favorite plug-ins, social media platforms and integrations with Pipedrive. Here are just a few of the hundreds of integration options for large and small businesses.


Remove duplicate contacts quickly and without risk. Improve your email list management and ensure seamless reporting with the Dedupely integration.

Google Apps

Host team or customer calls with Google Meet, track your tasks with Google Calendar, sync with Gmail and search nearby contacts using Google Maps.


Streamline your marketing even further by automating workflows between Pipedrive and over 5000 business apps using the Zapier integration.


Connect your Trello email marketing strategy planning with your Pipedrive CRM. Manage tasks, organize information and enable cross-team collaboration with the Trello integration.


Record personalized videos and send them to contacts when actions take place, like when contacts are added or deal stages updated. Grow relationships with the Bonjoro integration.

WhatsApp by Twilio

Manage conversations with your prospects and customers and get notifications in the Pipedrive Messaging inbox. Assign conversations to team members and nurture leads with WhatsApp by Twilio.

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