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When it comes to developing features for Pipedrive, our philosophy is simple – everything is built around activity-based selling. We believe that in sales (and in life) you can't control results, but you can control the actions that drive deals towards completion.

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Pipeline management

Clear visual interface that prompts you to take action and stay on top of all deals.

Email integration

Start sending & receiving emails inside Pipedrive to have all your sales communication in one place.

Activities and goals

Nothing falls through the cracks with activity reminder emails, mobile notifications and alerts.

Sales reporting

Understand where you’re losing deals and identify opportunities for improvement.

Sales forecasting

Helps you forecast revenue and pick the deals that are most likely to close.

Mobile apps

With iPhone and Android mobile apps you can work from anywhere, any time.

Google Apps integration

Keep your sales organized by connecting Google Drive, Contacts and Calendar with your deals.


Connect Pipedrive to any software and, if needed, develop custom features for free.


Over 100 integrations with leading software means there are no limits to the ways you can use Pipedrive.


Almost every part of Pipedrive is fully customizable so you can set it up the way you want to.


Create a product catalog and link them to deals, clients or specific contacts.

Web forms

Use web forms on your or other websites to automatically create new leads in your pipeline.

Reliability & safety

We follow industry leading standards like full encryption to ensure the safety of your records.

Multilingual & multi-currency

Pipedrive speaks over 10 languages and can handle all major currencies.

Follow up on every deal

Using the Pipedrive scheduling tool, you can attach activities to deals and see your entire to-do list at a glance.

Activity reminders keep you on top of all activities & deals

Sync all your activities with Google Calendar

Edit, complete and add new activities on the go

Customize activity types to meet your needs

See all deals in a visual sales pipeline

Pipedrive's visual sales pipeline prompts you to take action, remain organized and stay in control of the complex sales process.

  • Enter, update and find all data in one view
  • Enter new deals & contacts either on desktop or mobile
  • Drag-and-drop deals between stages
  • Connect your email and other tools - create a single data location
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Work anywhere, anytime

Our mobile Apps let you access your deal and contact information even when you're on the road.

  • Save call logging activities to your deals
  • Nearby feature let's you know which clients are near you
  • Schedule activities wherever you are, even when offline
  • Take notes on your mobile device during a call or meeting
  • Take a picture and store it under a deal or contact

Bring all sales data to one place

Pipedrive let's you easily find all the information you need before a meeting or call. Our software is also packed with automations, integrations and innovations.

Import, add and update Google Contacts from Pipedrive

Add notes and files to your deals or contacts

Send and write emails from Pipedrive

Enrich your data by connecting Pipedrive with your everyday tools

Understand how you and your team are doing

Use Pipedrive's reporting to understand where you're losing deals, identify opportunities for improvement and forecast results.

  • See how many activities you scheduled & completed
  • Learn what activities bring you the best conversion rate
  • See which deals got closer to a sale
  • See all won and lost deals at a glance
  • Easily understand when and why you are losing deals
  • See the conversion rate of all deal stages

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Features | Pipedrive
Features | Pipedrive