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Send your contacts beautiful emails

Whether it’s a newsletter or an email for a campaign, when it comes to reaching out to your leads you want your emails to be well-targeted. Our Mailchimp CRM integration makes this simple, and was designed to filter and segment email campaigns for your Pipedrive contacts.

How Pipedrive’s Mailchimp CRM integration works

Send personalized emails

The Mailchimp CRM integration lets you send well-targeted and personalized emails to defined lists of customers.

Sync Pipedrive and Mailchimp

Define your segment criteria in Pipedrive and click on the Mailchimp button to instantly export your contacts to Mailchimp.

Watch and learn

Let’s say you want to send emails to your California-based leads, but only the ones that are in the middle of a high-value deal with your company. You can easily set up a campaign with this criteria in a couple of clicks, then export the list to Mailchimp to get it all started.

This video will teach you how to set up your Mailchimp CRM integration, and use data from Pipedrive to streamline your sales emails.

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    Hello everyone. I'm James, the knowledge producer at Pipedrive, and this time around, we're talking all about Mailchimp and email marketing.

    So let's assume that it's the holidays, and you'd like to spread a little comfort and joy to your clients with a holiday e-greeting. Or maybe you just need to get your marketing campaign out to a specific group of leads. Well, with Pipedrive in one hand, and Mailchimp in the other, you're going to be A-Okay.

    Ever use Mailchimp before? Well if you haven't, give their free trial a look-see and get yourself some major email marketing firepower. But maybe you're familiar with Mailchimp already and just want to know how to use Pipedrive to target a specific group of contacts for your campaign, thus spreading the Christmas cheer.

    So over here in Pipedrive, our Mailchimp integration works with your contact list, or your people contact list, to be more specific. You'll notice it at the bottom of your list here, this little MailChimp button. And if you were to click on it right now, you would be given a prompt for you to enter your actual Mailchimp API token, and this essentially is this unique key that allows you to pull contacts from Pipedrive and put them into Mailchimp. But you've got to get the key from Mailchimp, so let's show you how to do that.

    Now I'm already logged into Mailchimp. So once you're logged in, you just click up here, and then you get more of a settings panel. We're going to go to Account, and then to Extras, and API Keys. So this is a list here of API Keys that you used before, and you can enable and disable them, etc. But we're going to create a new key, just for Pipedrive. So we're just going to copy this key right here, go back over to Pipedrive, and enter it into here. So now what Pipedrive wants to know is where you want to send this list of contacts to in Mailchimp, and it gets itself from lists that you've already set up in Mailchimp.

    And real quick, just how to do that, head on over to Lists in Mailchimp, and simply get started creating yourself a list. You just need to give it a title, essentially, because we're going to be actually sending the contacts to this list in Pipedrive. So we've got ourselves a Nice List and a Naughty List. All that good stuff. Let's just focus on the Nice List today. So I don't want to send all of these contacts that are here in Pipedrive to the Nice List because, well, they haven't been very nice.

    Let's say your company runs several charity programs that customers can get involved with, and you want to know what customers have actually partaken in those plans, and send them a little yuletide greeting. So in this case, we have our charity programs documented as a custom field in our People profiles. And I'm just going to drag this down here so we can actually see them. Now as you can see, some people have taken part and some people haven't, so I want to only collect the people that have partaken. So all I've got to do is filter these out using our nifty little filtering system. And so in this case, I'm not just looking for one particular charity program, and I want to know people that took part in any of these.

    So now all we've got to do is go here, select my Nice List, press OK, and all 22 people have been exported to Mailchimp. Let's have a look ourselves. There we have it, 22 subscribers. So now let's send an email. Now it may be obvious, but most email campaigns are controlled in the actual Campaigns section. This is where you can create them, edit them, watch them, all that good stuff. A lot of your actions are going to take place here when you're using Mailchimp.

    Since I've already done most of the actual setup of this campaign, all we've got to do is select the actual list that we want to send this to. I'm going to click Next. Here is where you get to personalize the name of the campaign, the email subject, who the email is coming from, all that good stuff. So now I'm going to click Next again.

    And here's where we get to actually use a template and create something. You can have the saved templates that you've used in the past, or you can code your own. In this case, I did actually code my own. Ah, how Christmassy.

    Once you have it coded and everything looks the way you want it, I would usually suggest using the preview and test area up here. So first you can go into preview mode, and this will show you what it looks like in email, as well as on a mobile device. Pretty nifty, huh?

    After that, let's send a test email. "Bon voyage," it says. Okay and voila, here's our test email. Oh, tidings of comfort and joy.

    Now that we've got our test out of the way, this is where we can simply confirm everything that we've done, and Mailchimp will be kind enough to provide you with little prompts as to whether or not you've had a problem somewhere along the creation of this campaign. In this particular instance, I'm not doing anything with Social Cards, so we look like we're good to go.

    The time has come. This is when we push the big, scary Send Now button.

    And this concludes our yuletide lesson for the day. From all of us here at Pipedrive, have yourself some happy marketing.

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