Slack CRM integration

Pipedrive’s powerful Slack integration

Slack – the app that brings all your communication together in one place to help you organize your company’s conversations.

Add the Pipedrive Slack integration to connect a champion in sales with a leader in communication.

Updates about deals added

Updates about deals won or lost

Personal deal updates

Deal, person or organization search

Send and receive instant deal updates to and from your team with the Pipedrive Dealbot for Slack. Whether you need to coordinate multiple people in your team to help close deals or you simply want to keep everyone in the company informed about deal status, Pipedrive CRM Dealbot will automatically handle it directly within Slack.

Salespeople can keep managers and colleagues informed on the fly without having to schedule meetings or write lengthy emails.

With Pipedrive CRM Dealbot, the whole team is always ready to help close that next big deal.

Build prospect and customer relationships faster

Dealbot helps you act quickly on every deal movement. With real-time Slack notifications and updates, you can coordinate team members to reach out when it’s their time to shine or jump into action with next steps.

Supercharge your sales team with Slack app notifications about new deals and changes. Instant alert functionality allows reps and sales managers to help customers along the buying journey without clogging up each other’s inboxes.

Integrate with your favorite sales tools

Bring all of your favorite sales tools together under the same roof. Sync your contact lists, calendars and email provider with your CRM for streamlined everyday operations.

Pipedrive's app directory of popular integrations combines your current tech stack with your CRM, so your team can close more deals (and tabs).


Build Asana tasks automatically when you create, close or move a deal in Pipedrive. Help your team cooperate with a powerful project management tool that integrates with your CRM.


Schedule, manage and start Zoom meetings from your CRM. Use Pipedrive’s Scheduler to propose times, then add Zoom links, assign calls to activities and start the meeting with one click.


Create Trello cards, lists and boards and populate them with Pipedrive data without leaving your CRM. Set up automated tasks quickly with Trello workflow automation templates.

Google Meet

Integrate Google Meet into your CRM software to automatically send unique call links to prospects for video meetings. Manage meetings and start them with one click in Pipedrive.


Build a call center from anywhere and improve your customer support. Add Aircall to Pipedrive to automatically log prospect calls and save time with call routing and recording features.


Get the context you need to reach out to new leads and prospects without leaving Gmail. Create and edit Pipedrive information, such as contacts, deals, activities and notes – all from the sidebar.


Send out beautiful, personalized email newsletters and campaigns for a better customer experience. Tailor each one to your lead segments with the Mailchimp and Pipedrive integration.


Automatically create invoices in Pipedrive (no accountant needed) and track the status until it’s paid. Link your Xero contacts, pull invoices from Xero into Pipedrive and aggregate invoice data by contact.


Connect every app in your tech stack with the Zapier and Pipedrive integration. Add new Facebook leads into your pipeline or create new Calendly invites automatically with a single “zap” – no coding needed.


Connect marketing campaigns to your CRM to update contact lists around the clock. See when leads visit your site and what they’re looking at, so sales and marketing can tailor their messaging to specific needs.


Supercharge your company’s analytics. Create custom Pipedrive dashboards to view the most important metrics, and motivate your team with gamification to reach common goals.


Centralize your social media inboxes to never miss a connection. The Missive integration helps teams manage incoming messages and collaborate around a central email, SMS, WhatsApp and social media workspace.

Make the sales pipeline a collaborative effort

Keep everyone in the loop with the Pipedrive Slack integration. Use Slack messages to notify sales reps about lead activity, so they can join heads and figure out how to keep the deal moving down the pipeline.

Save time on team meetings and emails. With real-time updates and dedicated Slack channels, sales reps can work together, solve problems and close deals quickly.

Build automated communication workflows

Create automated workflows to take care of manual tasks, so your reps can spend more time selling. Automatically move deals through your sales pipeline and update prospect data in your CRM without lifting a finger.

Here are four ways to use your Slack CRM integration:

Qualify new contacts

Remind yourself or team members to qualify new contacts as soon as they’re added to Pipedrive

Follow up with leads quickly

Schedule the next activity, whether it’s an automated email or follow-up alert for colleagues

Keep things moving forward

Alert colleagues to take action when deal stages progress, such as preparing quotes or contracts

Search conversations

Quickly find a Pipedrive deal, person or organization with slash commands

Collaborate and win more deals