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Sales dashboard

Whether you’re managing a team that’s struggling to meet the numbers or a group of seasoned top performers, a sales CRM dashboard can simplify sales cycles and help you pinpoint exactly where your sales team is – and where you need to take it.

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Why use a sales dashboard

Sales managers need to be one step ahead of the game, with a sixth sense for detecting potential obstacles and moving them out of the way. But not everyone has that sense that allows them to notice the small changes in a rep’s performance, not to mention the time.

With a sales dashboard, you have the sales tools to spot any bottleneck before it sidelines your deals and damages your numbers.

How you can use your sales dashboard

Identify the areas where your assistance is needed most

Zoom in on specific performance targets and easily identify problem areas

Prevent performance issues from becoming bad habits that drain productivity and sales

Provide your sales reps with the coaching and sales tips they need to succeed

Pipedrive sales dashboard

Pipedrive’s sales dashboard gives you a simple and visual overview of your sales data, including information about your salespeople’s deals and activities.

Activity metrics:

  • Number and value of new deals added and comparison to previous periods

  • Number of activities completed

  • Stats showing top performers and the team’s efforts as a whole

Results metrics:

  • Number and value of won deals and comparison to previous periods

  • Number and value of lost deals

  • Top performers in the team

How Pipedrive will make you unstoppable

Pipedrive is a light-touch sales CRM built for minimum input and maximum output. With our simple, intuitive software, there’s no 200-page list of functions and no two-day training is required. Just log in, fill up your pipeline and start closing deals with a product designed to make selling beautiful.

See every deal from a high level

Are some deals failing at the last hurdle? Pipedrive spots patterns so you can fix inefficient processes and bolster each stage of your sales funnel.

Pipeline reporting gives you rapid insight into key metrics like win rates, sales velocity and the number of deals at each stage. Identify problems and tweak your strategy with a complete sales pipeline health overview.

Track every activity

A sales CRM dashboard is the ultimate productivity tool for reps. Make life easier with lightning-quick automations and create unique workflows for all your individual sales goals.

How Big Dog Solar increased revenue by 40%

American solar panel installation company Big Dog Solar needed a reporting solution to understand what techniques were working and which sources were generating the best leads.

Since upgrading to Pipedrive Professional, the team now generates insightful performance reports within their CRM dashboards.

“Pipedrive has been the keystone because it’s enabled us to keep track of everything from visibility and management.”

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Create revenue forecasts for every stakeholder

Looking for boardroom buy-in? Pipedrive’s CRM dashboard is designed for easy data visualization and sharing.

Display your most critical revenue and sales forecasting KPIs and impress decision-makers with interactive graphs.

Get started with these three sales CRM dashboards

Enjoy limitless possibilities with Pipedrive’s CRM dashboards. Gain an aerial overview of your entire organization, boost customer satisfaction and unlock sales opportunities with granular reporting.

High-impact activities

Get real-time insights about which sales activities drive sales

Leaderboard stars

Spot super sales reps and reward them for their hard work

Email tracking

Quickly see how many marketing and sales campaign emails have been opened

Automate your sales reporting

Reports are crucial for sales managers trying to gauge performance, but drafting spreadsheets is time-consuming.

Let Pipedrive’s automations take care of the legwork. Automatically update contacts when deals are created, create actions as new leads move through your pipeline and forward client activity to your custom dashboards.

Collect data from every source with integrations

Level up your CRM software with powerful apps, add-ons and integrations. Connect your CRM with your favorite tools and centralize your data in Pipedrive for easy access.


Modernize your sales process with fully synchronized contacts. Find new prospects, customize email flows and combine new and old lead data with Pipedrive and Datananas.


Connect with marketing tools like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Facebook Ads and social media sites. Sync all lead generation activity to your CRM with the Outfunnel integration.


Increase win rates and optimize the sales cycle. Drag and drop data from Pipedrive and identify your highest quality touchpoints with the Dataiku integration.


Manage, automate and maintain clean customer databases. Import, bulk update and streamline workflows in one place when you connect Pipedrive and Insycle.


Create an Asana task automatically when you add, close or move a deal in your sales pipeline. Supercharge your admin automations with Pipedrive’s Asana integration.


Remove thousands of duplicate profiles quickly and safely. Merge data any way you like and untangle CRM reporting webs with Pipedrive and Dedupely.

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