Sales Dashboard

Whether you’re managing a team member struggling to meet their numbers or a seasoned top performer, a sales dashboard can simplify sales cycles, and help you pinpoint exactly where your sales team is – and exactly where you need to take them.

Why use a sales dashboard

The best sales managers always seem to be one step ahead of the game; they have a sixth sense for detecting smoking campfires and putting them out before they become raging forest fires. But not everyone has that sixth sense that allows them to notice the minute changes in sales rep performance, or the tiny hiccup in what may appear to be “decent” numbers.

With a sales dashboard, you have the sales tools that can quickly catch these bumps in the road before they sideline your deals and damage your numbers.

What you can use your sales dashboard for

  • Identify the areas where your assistance is needed most
  • Zoom in on specific performance targets and easily identify problem areas
  • Prevent performance issues from becoming bad habits that drain productivity and sales
  • Provide your sales reps with the coaching and sales tips they need to succeed

What you get with a Pipedrive sales dashboard

Your sales dashboard gives a simple and visual overview of your sales data divided into different categories, such as products, services and salespeople.

Activity metrics:

  • Number and value of new deals added, and comparison to previous period
  • Number of activities completed
  • Stats split by top performers and cumulatively
  • Snapshot of recent new deals

Results metrics:

  • Number and value of won deals, and comparison to previous period
  • Number and value of lost deals
  • Top performers in the team
  • Snapshot of recent won deals

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Sales Dashboard