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Hotel and hospitality CRM software

Pipedrive’s CRM software empowers you to streamline your hotel or hospitality business. Improve operational efficiency and create a next-level guest experience with automated booking, communications and marketing.

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What is a hospitality CRM?

Hospitality CRM (customer relationship management) empowers you to book more guests, schedule events with ease and roster your staff from one central hub, all while providing a personalized service to help you build deeper relationships with guests, groups and corporate clients.

Deliver flexible booking systems for a better user experience

Let your guests take control by comparing dates, deals and locations before they book. Once complete, the booking (and any last-minute change) is instantly captured in your CRM system.

Record important guest profile information

Prepare for dietary requirements ahead of time to keep your kitchen stress-free, your customers happy and healthy and your guest satisfaction levels high.

Target promotions to segmented groups

Cater to couples, conferences, birthday parties and more by tailoring your marketing promotions and upsells to specific customer segments.

Provide next-level client communications

Streamline customer support and communications by automatically updating guests on their booking status with information about check-in times, deposit payments and room upgrades.

Keep customer data safe and secure inside your hotel CRM software

Store and protect sensitive contact management details for thousands of customers and suppliers in one place.

Send and receive health and safety declarations

Stay compliant with restrictions so you can protect your guests, your staff and your business.

How a hospitality CRM system can help you manage and serve more customers

Catering to hundreds or thousands of guests is a lot to keep on top of. Not only do you need to store your customers’ data, but you also need to segment special requests and individual pricing discounts while updating reservation details in real time. As an all-in-one module for staying organized, hospitality and hotel CRM software powers your operations by automating communications to improve efficiency, providing valuable insights to help you serve guests better and enabling flexible workflows that support staff.

Pipedrive makes it easy to find better ways to attract customers and manage all of your guest profile and property data in one place.

Stay on top of every pricing and booking query

Create great customer experiences with tailored communications from inquiry through to booking confirmation. See a visual history of all contact activity, making it easy to review your latest conversations and follow up with personalized emails.

Learn how to track conversations with Pipedrive

Understand your guests and their needs

Inspire customer loyalty by consistently giving your guests what they want. Use detailed CRM analytics to gather key guest information like location preferences, typical party size and popular menu or room service orders.

Pipedrive collates key insights from all your customer channels to help you and your sales managers continue to deliver what works.

Discover how to deep dive into your client data with Pipedrive

Process more bookings

Welcome more guests with Pipedrive thanks to automated booking pipelines.

Let Pipedrive fill your reservation calendar for you by automatically inputting customer details, sending reminders and updating special requests within your restaurant or hotel CRM system.

Explore Pipedrive’s automation functions for hospitality

What to look for in a hospitality CRM solution

Choosing the right CRM for the hospitality and hotel industry helps your business provide reliable communications and connects you with a range of travel providers and tourism apps.

Whether you run a hotel group, restaurant chain, or boutique B&B, Pipedrive sets your business up for success with customizable dashboards that grow with you.


Grow your CRM platform alongside your restaurant or hotel business. As you input more occupancy data and serve more guests, Pipedrive expands with you.


Connect your own booking app directly into Pipedrive and reach more customers with integrations from leading referral sites.


Be available wherever your customer journeys happen with built-in email, SMS (for iOS and Android), social media and web form communications.

How does a CRM for hospitality work?

Serving thousands of guests and managing multiple venues requires meticulous organization. Much like a travel agency CRM, Pipedrive’s hospitality CRM software makes it easy for hoteliers and restaurateurs to increase booking engagement and communicate with every customer throughout their journey.

Manage reservations and stays from check-in to check-out, then follow up with loyalty programs or offers, all from within your CRM.

  • Build a pipeline to fit your booking process and streamline guest and hotel management
  • Record information such as dietary and accessibility requirements for every customer
  • Get an overview of every guest and their communication history
  • Integrate with tools used across your hospitality business and build workflow automation with Zapier
  • Automate booking confirmations, SMS check-in reminders and travel information templates to ensure every client stays informed
  • Track email marketing activity, including opens and clicks, to see how your customers are engaging with your business

How to set up your hotel CRM platform

  • 1. Integrate contact forms with your CRM

    Give customers an easy way to get in touch with you through Web Forms. Every contact will be collected, managed and stored in your hotel CRM software.

    You’ll have complete visibility of all booking data as soon as a request form is received. Forms can be embedded anywhere, streamlining your PMS (property management system) and allowing customers to book in their own time with online convenience.

  • 2. Organize your guest offers with custom fields

    When you first log in to Pipedrive, you’ll see a visual representation of your guest pipeline. Here, you can customize booking stages to manage customers and sales activities across every property of your business.

    Create different pipeline workflow modules for inbound contacts based on how far along in their inquiry they are. Get visibility on how likely a customer is to book, as well as unconfirmed reservations that need a follow-up.

  • 3. Automate your marketing campaigns

    To create an exceptional guest experience, you must be able to send personalized, automated messaging. This means aligning your marketing campaigns with reservation motivations such as time of year, occasions and special offers.

    With your customer segments set up, you can save time and target email campaigns with automated promotions. Use email marketing automation software to provide relevant information on booking benefits, the best hotel season rates and updates on menus or event pricing.

  • 4. Book more venue tours for your sales force

    Schedule convenient times to show potential wedding, party and conference clients around your venue with Pipedrive’s Scheduler. Elevate lead management by sending calendar links via Live Chat or emailing directly from your CRM.

    Clients can book tour times with your event management or sales team that automatically sync to staff calendars. There’s no need for any back and forth. Easily share your availability and let customers book with only a few clicks.

Make your hospitality operations more efficient with automation and integrations

In the hospitality industry, the right integrations and add-ons are the key to a successful CRM solution. Supercharge your communications, stay on top of your finances and automate your digital marketing project management with Pipedrive’s powerful functionality and connections.

Here are some essential integrations that all hoteliers and hospitality providers can benefit from.


Answer guest questions fast with LiveChat. Provide real-time information to help your customers make a booking. Confirm your vegan options, parking locations and maximum party size in no time.

Explore Pipedrive’s LiveChat integration.


Create, send and track invoices from within your Pipedrive account. Keep your books up to date, your balance sheet healthy and your staff paid on time with your hospitality CRM.

Learn about Pipedrive’s QuickBooks integration.


Insert your sales force roster to make sure inquiries reach the right person at the right time. Whether your guests want leisure center, restaurant, or airport transfer information, their queries will always be assigned to an expert.

Discover Pipedrive’s RouterJet integration.

Autopilot Journeys

Send beautiful emails and SMS to your guests and tailor Facebook and Google Ads to potential customers. Automate repetitive communications to streamline your marketing and broaden customer engagement.

Automate your marketing with Pipedrive’s Autopilot Journeys integration.


Connect thousands of apps with your CRM. Import booking calendar information, website inquiries and email requests with Zapier’s automation functions.

Connect your apps with Pipedrive’s Zapier integration.


Update your CRM in real time with a collaborative inbox. Get context for customer messages and respond without switching tools. Connect your email and other customer communication channels in one place.

Consolidate your emails with Pipedrive’s Front integration.

Hotel and hospitality CRM FAQs

  • What is CRM in hospitality industry terms?

    In the hospitality industry, customer relationship management (CRM) is synonymous with guest relationship management. By providing dining and accommodation establishments with the means to manage all aspects of their guest interactions, a robust, all-in-one hospitality CRM is an indispensable tool for building valuable customer connections.

    For relationship management to succeed, hospitality providers must be able to understand, respond and even anticipate the needs of hotel or restaurant guests. As a result, the best CRM platforms do more than just organize and automate your customer bookings, communications and workflows. They also facilitate guest data collection and analysis, help streamline your marketing campaigns, and enable essential third-party apps and integrations.

  • What are the benefits of Pipedrive CRM for the hospitality industry?

    When it comes to managing and personalizing the guest experience, hotel and hospitality CRM software gives hoteliers, B&B owners and restaurateurs an important organizational edge. With a CRM platform like Pipedrive, for example, you can administer guest reservations in real time, schedule venue viewings and events and engage staff from one central hub. Moreover, unlike CRMs such as Revinate or Freshsales, Pipedrive helps you save time and capitalize on promotional opportunities with automated email marketing.

    Pipedrive’s CRM system also lets you give guests flexible, online booking autonomy and makes it easy to segment customer groups. This means you can benefit from recording and accommodating personal preferences and requests while better targeting your future promotions. With a visual contact history, customizable dashboards and dozens of service and tool integrations, Pipedrive’s hospitality and hotel CRM software works to power operational efficiency by making it easy to attract customers and manage all your guest and property data in one place.

Spend less time on admin and more time welcoming guests!