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The best CRM for SaaS

Pipedrive’s CRM for SaaS companies helps teams attract leads and improve the customer experience while streamlining productivity with simplified pipelines.

What do SaaS businesses need from a CRM?

No matter your SaaS business's shape, size, or ambition, you need consistent sales to keep it running. A SaaS CRM (customer relationship management) tool helps you build and nurture a healthy pipeline of leads, keep your team on the same page and simplify processes.

Visualize your sales cycle

See where each deal stands with a visual representation of your sales pipeline. Foster collaboration with integrations that notify teams when deal stages are updated.

Build low maintenance workflows

Turn your sales process into a well-oiled machine. Save time and reduce admin with task automation and powerful integrations.

Engage your audience

Add personalization to your email marketing campaigns and outreach efforts. Ensure you always align with each segment’s needs.

Optimize with data

Adapt and improve your strategy as you go. Pipedrive’s advanced, real-time insights show you what’s working and what’s not.

Access from anywhere

Never miss an opportunity. Access your SaaS CRM on any device to check in and make sales whether you’re in the office, working from the living room or on the go.

Scale with confidence

Pipedrive’s SaaS CRM gives you unlimited contact management. Build relationships and grow with a simple to scale, feature-packed CRM.

How Pipedrive helps SaaS businesses nurture better customer relationships

The best CRM for SaaS companies gives businesses full visibility over their pipeline, allowing sales and marketing teams to work together instead of operating in silos.

Simplify processes, improve your productivity and help your sales teams become unstoppable with Pipedrive’s SaaS CRM system.

Track touchpoints

With so many ways of communicating with leads, tracking contact history can be a struggle.

Pipedrive organizes your calls, emails, form completions and more, all in one place.

Learn how to track communications with Pipedrive

Turn leads into customers

If you’re using multiple tools to manage lots of contacts or a long lead life cycle, you might be letting your hottest opportunities slip through the cracks.

Pipedrive’s CRM for SaaS companies visualizes your pipelines, offering an intuitive way to track deals by value, win probability and close dates, using Pipedrive’s unique customization options.

Manage leads and deals with Pipedrive

Unlock deep customer insights

Digging useful insights out of raw data stored in busy spreadsheets takes up a lot of time that could be spent on high-value tasks.

With Pipedrive, you can quickly and easily create customizable reports and interactive dashboards with insights that can transform your customer relationships and improve forecasting.

Discover insights and reports with Pipedrive

Customize to fit your business

Organize your visual pipeline to suit the unique stages of your sales cycle. Filter views by sales rep or deal stage to narrow your focus.

Set notifications when it’s time to follow up, automatically assign tasks as deal stages progress and build the CRM tool that fits your business best.

Modify your pipeline with Pipedrive

Make sales on the go

Access data in your CRM from anywhere with Pipedrive’s Android and iOS mobile apps.

See a summary of your daily tasks, update deals and receive high-priority notifications on any device. Send calls from your CRM to your mobile and sync with your favorite tools, like Microsoft Office and Gmail.

Stay connected with Pipedrive

What SaaS businesses can achieve with a single-point CRM solution

Manage contacts, customer journeys and other admin tasks while tapping into customer insights that will grow your business.

With a good SaaS CRM, your team can:

  • Build a visual pipeline to effectively manage your sales in one centralized platform
  • Automate lead generation using web forms, chatbots, live chat and more
  • Improve customer experiences and customer retention with insights and personalization
  • Capture contact information across various touchpoints and unify in a single location
  • Track and log outreach efforts across channels, including social media, so you know what’s working and what’s not
  • Identify winning patterns or gaps in your processes and share or intervene quickly
  • Align your sales and marketing initiatives to target specific segments and hit specific goals
  • Increase productivity by replacing manual data entry and other time-consuming tasks with powerful automations
  • Conveniently access everything in one place by integrating your CRM platform with existing sales tools and applications
  • Supercharge workflows with automated task assignment and marketing automation
  • Stay compliant by storing valuable lead and business data safely in the cloud

How to use your CRM to better manage your time

Integrate with your sales tech stack

Integrate the applications and add-ons you love with our powerful SaaS CRM solution to nurture leads, unlock engaging communications and streamline pipeline management.

Here are some essential integrations for SaaS teams:


Capture high-quality leads with Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on. Add chat functionality to your website, collect information with web forms and wake up to a list of leads from your AI Prospector.

Help leads get in touch with Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on.


Unify your team communications with Pipedrive’s Dealbot for Slack. Automatically send deal added or deal stage updates to relevant teams or people, so you can close sales quickly.

Auto-update with Pipedrive’s Dealbot for Slack.


Ensure every customer meeting is a success with Demodesk. Integrate Demodesk with Pipedrive to sync contacts, meetings, notes, attendees and more, directly into your pipeline.

Supercharge your meeting insights with Demodesk and Pipedrive.


Stop manually logging contacts. LinkPort is a contact importer that helps salespeople identify LinkedIn contact details and seamlessly import them into Pipedrive.

Speed up contact population with LinkPort and Pipedrive.


Level up your email outreach. Pipedrive integrates with lemlist to automatically generate personalized emails at scale from beautiful templates, including engaging, tailored video content.

Automate and personalize emails with lemlist and Pipedrive.


Find a CRM that integrates with your most-loved tools to save valuable time. Pipedrive’s SaaS CRM integrates with Zapier, connecting your teams with more than 3,000 other apps and platforms.

Connect in one place with Zapier and Pipedrive.


Improve your customer retention and loyalty with a SaaS CRM!