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Windows CRM

Your CRM solution drives your business forward, but you need one that works with your operating system. Pipedrive’s cloud-based, Windows-compatible CRM is easy to set up, simple to use and accessible from anywhere.

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What is a cloud-based Windows CRM?

A cloud-based customer relationship management system (CRM) lets users access their tool from anywhere, unlike on-premises systems.

Pipedrive’s cloud-based CRM software is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, putting CRM functionality at your fingertips anywhere there’s Wi-Fi.

Bring together the latest versions of documents, Excel spreadsheets, contact information, pipelines and deal progress in the best CRM for Windows.

Powerful features to upgrade your sales organization

The best Windows CRM supports growth without overwhelming sales teams with complicated business processes.

With Pipedrive, there’s no need for a steep learning curve. Our CRM system brings powerful features and sales enablement content to every team member on your Windows operating system.

Lead tracking

Organize customer data, track customer engagement, keep up with changes and never let a lead slip through the cracks

Instant sales enablement

Easily find the details and content you need to move deals forward along the customer journey

Custom automations

Streamline complex sales cycles and cut down on admin tasks with automations and workflows built for your business

Visualize your pipeline

Get a high-level overview or go granular on the details of every phase of your pipeline

Friendly, intuitive interface

Get started quickly with a clear visual interface and help your reps stay in control of the sales process

400+ app integrations

Integrate your current tech stack with hundreds of Marketplace apps and a custom API to create a unique business tool

How Pipedrive helped DashThis keep up with new leads while scaling

DashThis needed a CRM to grow with them that didn’t require weeks of training.

With Pipedrive, DashThis increased conversions, lowered churn and scaled its one-person sales team to dozens of account managers.

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For me, not a single day goes by without using Pipedrive! This tool is not only useful, it’s necessary for the quality of my work. It helps me remember what actions I need to do in order to close a deal. Being able to efficiently adapt our service to each individual client not only impacts the quality of our customer service on a daily basis, but ultimately, our churn rate and conversion rate.

LauryAccount Manager at DashThis

How to set up your Pipedrive Windows CRM

Help your sales team save time, stay organized and put their best foot forward with one of the best CRMs for Windows. Set up Pipedrive on your Windows OS to unify sales efforts and drive results.

  • 1. Automate your sales processes
  • 2. Discover bottlenecks and optimize your processes
  • 3. Keep your team focused
  • 4. Customize workflows based on customer needs
  • 5. Set goals and accurately forecast profitability

Connect and automate your Windows tech stack with powerful integrations

Let Pipedrive’s intuitive, scalable, Windows-compatible CRM be your driving force. Pipedrive’s Marketplace houses over 300 other business applications to integrate with your CRM and streamline your workflow in just a few clicks.

Here are some of our customers’ favorite software solutions that help them close more deals faster and stay on track with project management.

Microsoft Flow

Connect Pipedrive to Microsoft Office 365, WordPress, WebMerge and more. Set up flows to manage updates with the Microsoft Flow integration.

Microsoft Calendar

Sync your Outlook calendar to stay on top of meetings, calls and events directly from your Pipedrive dashboard with the Microsoft Calendar integration.

Microsoft Teams

Schedule and join Teams meetings from Pipedrive and get real-time Pipedrive updates in Teams with the Microsoft Teams integration.


Create projects, tasks and workflow automations directly from won or lost deals and new leads with Pipedrive’s Asana integration.


Ditch the back and forth emails with accounting and create, approve and send invoices right from Pipedrive with the Quickbooks integration.


Strengthen relationships with customers through text messaging, autoresponders, updates and more with the Textline integration.

Make Pipedrive part of your Windows workflow today!