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Pipedrive is designed to accommodate all your sales needs in one powerful platform, which is our software supports full Google App integration.

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The Google App CRM

Seamlessly connect your Google Apps to Pipedrive and fortify your sales pipeline. Nothing falls through the cracks when all your tools are synced and secured in a single unified platform.

Google Calendar

Our Google App friendly CRM offers two-way sync between Google Calendar and Pipedrive. This means that you can add an event in Pipedrive and have it automatically appear on your Google Calendar, or the other way around.

Google Contacts

Grow your database of leads without the hassle of data migration by syncing your Google Contacts to Pipedrive. Change a detail in one, and the edits will be reflected in both Pipedrive and Google Contacts. That’s right, no more admin work needed.

Google Drive

Add documents to deals or contacts directly from Pipedrive without the hassle of downloading and uploading. Integrating Google Drive makes collaboration on proposals, internally or externally, 100% trouble-free.

Google Maps

Next time you plan on meeting a lead for lunch, use our Pipedrive app and Google Maps integration to get there faster, spot more leads that may be en route, and study deal history before you get there. Boost sales by seizing every minute.

The tool of choice for scaling teams

We’ve built a CRM-replacing sales management tool that’s not just great for salespeople, but for anyone wanting to get organized and close deals in less time.

Nearly half of our customers liked our simple yet powerful approach so much, they switched from an existing CRM tool. The other half? Well they didn’t even know they needed Pipedrive until they tried it.

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Google Apps Integration | Pipedrive
Google Apps Integration | Pipedrive