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Best practices for email infographics in 2023

Email marketing infographic
What is an infographic?
Why do we respond well to infographics?
How can infographics help an email marketing campaign?
How to use email marketing infographics in your marketing campaigns
How to create an effective email marketing infographic template for free
Final thoughts

With an ROI of 42:1, email marketing is a cost-effective way for businesses to connect with their target audience.

With billions of emails sent every day, digital marketing professionals constantly strive to make their email marketing campaigns stand out. Infographics offer a great way to do this, as they can increase reader responsiveness, hold the reader’s attention and drive home important messages.

In this article, we’ll discuss the elements of a good infographic, why infographics are useful in an email marketing campaign, when they should be used and what a high-converting infographic template looks like.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is a visual representation of information or data. It can be a collection of images, graphs, statistics and other visually appealing imagery, similar to a poster.

In email marketing, an infographic offers content marketers an opportunity to create a unique piece of interactive brand content. Clever infographic design can help convey complex ideas, spread brand awareness through color scheme variation and different fonts and establish thought leadership.

Why do we respond well to infographics?

Behaviorally, eye tracking studies show that people scan information when reading online. They also don’t read in a linear fashion, which means they may skip over key information as they scan. Alternating images and text (for example, with an infographic) helps you keep the reader’s attention every step of the way. This increases the chances that the information you want them to see will be noticed, internalized and acted upon.

How can infographics help an email marketing campaign?

Every email marketing strategy has a goal. Whether the goal is to incite target audiences to support a campaign, buy a product, or share your content with their friends, every email has a call to action (CTA).

To achieve this goal, email marketers should use every tool at their disposal: A/B tests, subject lines, headers, visual elements, animations and email design. Infographics are another tool in a marketer’s kit that can make email content more impactful, thought-provoking, memorable and valuable. In turn, this can improve metrics such as:

  • Reducing unsubscribe rates

  • Optimizing conversion rates

  • Growing an email list

  • Improving future email open rates

The visual nature of infographics means a marketer can convey complex information in a novel, engaging manner.

How to use email marketing infographics in your marketing campaigns

Infographic emails can help marketers achieve various goals and can be used at different stages of a marketing campaign. For example, you might use an infographic:

  • In a welcome email, to educate the reader on your product, service or mission

  • At the beginning of your campaign, to agitate a pain point your target audience might have

  • During the customer nurturing phase in a series of email newsletters, to present data points or compare your product to a competitor

  • In promotional emails, to drive home a CTA with emotionally stimulating visuals.

You can also use infographics created for emails on any other marketing channel.

How to create an effective email marketing infographic template for free

Infographics can be tricky to design from scratch, which is why we recommend using one of the following free online tools to create your infographic.

  1. Canva

  2. Piktochart

  3. Venngage

  4. Snappa

  5. Visme

These free tools offer infographic templates with different layouts, color schemes and display sizes. Scroll through the free options or consider your pricing range to determine the best template for your email marketing efforts.

Final thoughts

Infographic emails can help you produce a well-rounded email marketing campaign.

The human mind is best equipped to process visual content, and with the amount of data we’re constantly sifting through, simplifying your email reader’s experience is vital to increase email open rates and engagement.

Use an email infographic to spread your brand image, to educate your audience and improve the overall effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.

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