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Insights Update: Create a Custom Section to Manage Your Reports Like Never Before

October 2021 Insights Update

You can now manage your reports and dashboards from a customizable section within Insights, allowing you easily reach the data you need.

Our latest update lets you group reports in sections, delete old reports in bulk when they’re no longer needed and rename your sections to match your sales processes.

This is an ideal solution for sales managers and reps with a large number of reports and dashboards, as you can organize your data in a way that suits your needs and find your insights more easily.

How can I create a new section in Insights?

You can create new sections in the side navigation menu in Insights.

new section

Once you’ve created your new section, you can drag and drop reports and dashboards to the newly created section and name them as you please. You can add up to 50 reports and dashboards in each section.

You can then easily access your dashboards and reports grouped by sections within the navigation, removing clutter and making it quicker to find what you need.

Sidenav menu

How can I delete sections?

We know that the world of sales moves fast and you may not need the same sections in the future. With that in mind, you can simply delete sections you don’t need.

You’ll be given the choice of deleting all reports within the section or moving the reports to another section.

Pipedrive Insights update screenshot delete sections

If you’ve finished with a project or you want to clean up your navigation, you can also bulk delete reports rather than manually selecting each one.

Would your team benefit from customizable report management? Check out what Pipedrive can do for you with a 14 day trial.

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