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How 360 Payments net income increased by 298%

San Francisco-based 360 Payments partners with customers to provide honest, streamlined payment solutions.

  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Location: US
  • Key feature: Activity calendar

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By integrating Pipedrive, 360 Payments was able to increase net income by 298% in two years.


Percentage net income increased


Percentage new accounts increased


Percentage gross revenue increased

The challenge

Everything 360 Payments does centers on the customer. CEO Lisa Coyle takes a real interest in her customers and how she can make their business and their life better. She cites three simple rules for customer-first sales:

  1. Be genuinely curious

  2. Take notes

  3. Be likeable and relatable

Lisa extends the same ethos and expectations when it comes to those working in her business. She shares how team and customer relationships are paramount to her business and how she will always put people before processes.

Salespeople need to be genuinely curious about their prospects. They need to not only ask questions but make the questions sincere and provide feedback as to why they are asking the question, so it doesn’t come off too ‘salesy’. I take notes on how long a prospect has been in business, how many kids they have, what tradeshows they go to, where I met them, who I have spoken to, etc. My notetaking is hands down what builds the rapport and confidence someone has in me. If you can get a prospect to talk about themselves or about anything besides what you are trying to sell them, you are setting yourself up for a win. Without a doubt, what I’m most proud of at 360 Payments is our people. The family that we have created is a true work family and we genuinely care about each other. There's nothing more I want than to take my teammates to the next level and to make my family proud.

Lisa CoyleCo-CEO of 360 Payments

As a salesperson, my favorite part is the simplicity of putting the data in and using the activity views to structure days and weeks; we all feel we can truly end our day not worrying that we have dropped any balls. I am obsessed with the activity customization, statistics and the dashboards because the salesperson never has to send any reports, they are in real time, and the data is beyond accurate.

Lisa CoyleCo-CEO of 360 Payments

The solution

Lisa believes that Pipedrive has especially helped when it comes to getting everyone on her team aligned. In particular, Pipedrive’s activity calendar has been key to help Lisa to prioritize workloads, manage time efficiently and make sure everyone is on the same page.

From a sales management perspective, Pipedrive's reporting and real-time dashboards allow Lisa to stay up to date with what her team are working on, without constantly chasing updates.

The results

With the help of Pipedrive, 360 Payments continues to build trust and long-lasting relationships which is the key to its scalable sales success.

The company was selected for the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing businesses in America for four years in a row and has now opened operations in California, Utah and Oklahoma.

360 Payments moved up to Pipedrive's Professional plan and it has helped them grow. Find out more about the various plans and features.

I always want to do better. I always want more. I want to give more. I want more for other people. I like to bring out the inner entrepreneur in everybody and I always see myself as being unstoppable. With the right attitude, mentality, work ethic, and Pipedrive I believe anyone can win at sales.

Lisa CoyleCo-CEO of 360 Payments

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