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How Pipedrive’s sales team uses automatic assignment to manage new leads

Our sales team is using the new automatic assignment feature in Pipedrive, having worked with our development team to refine the tool, while also benefiting from it.

  • Key feature: Automatic assignment
Automatic Assignment Case Study

The challenge our sales team faced

When Pipedrive started, our sales team had to manually assign leads to each rep. However, as the company scaled, our sales team improved its processes so we could handle the growing influx of new leads.

The Automations feature was a great help, and we had unique variables to automatically assign a deal to one specific user or users within a team, but it wasn’t all automated. Also, our managers have a million other things to do, but our leads were only responded to when the manager had time to assign them.

Joe KennySales Operations Manager, Pipedrive

5 minutes

Contact a lead within the first five minutes to increase your chances of closing the deal

10 seconds

The feature enables you to automatically contact new leads within 10 seconds

How automatic assignment has supported our sales team

Our sales team uses Pipedrive to manage leads, so they knew that having an automatic lead routing system would speed up not only our internal processes but our customers’ workflows as well.

With automatic assignment in place, new leads are routed to our sales reps in seconds rather than minutes. Combine the lead routing feature with our other Automations tools to shorten the gap between when a customer signs up and when they hear from us.

When we talk to customers, one of the buzzwords is ‘speed to lead’ – i.e., how fast you can qualify and contact a lead after they’ve been generated. Before automatic assignment, your lead comes from a source – for example, a LeadBooster web form is filled out – which creates a deal in Pipedrive. However, assigning that deal is an extra step. With automatic assignment, that step is taken care of.
There’s a Harvard Business Review study that says that if you call a lead in the first five minutes, the likelihood of closing the deal shoots way up.

Joe KennySales Operations Manager, Pipedrive

How automatic assignment works

Automatic assignment uses pre-defined rules to check each lead against specific criteria and then, based on that criteria, assign the lead to a rep on a round-robin basis.

Users can set up and prioritize routing rules based on a lead’s characteristics. For example, if the lead has a phone number that starts with a specific area code, they can be routed to the team that manages new business for that area.

Let’s say your sales rep John goes to all of your trade shows and, if you have one, works the booth. On the contact form on your website, there’s a button that says, ‘How did you hear about us?’ and ‘Trade show’ is one of the options. You know you want all of those leads to go to John. You can create an automatic assignment rule that says, if the lead source equals “trade show”, it automatically goes to John.

Joe KennySales Operations Manager, Pipedrive

Should you use automatic assignment?

Joe, our sales operations manager, recommends that anyone managing a lot of incoming leads should consider Pipedrive’s new automatic assignment feature.

You can learn more about automatic assignment on our feature page.

If you’re looking to scale your sales team, you definitely need it.

Joe KennySales Operations Manager, Pipedrive

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