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How LeadBooster helps Fibersals find quality leads fast

Brazillian-based Fibersals is a waterproofing business that’s been active in the sector for over 30 years, with an emphasis on expertise and quality.

With a large online presence, Fibersals brings in over a million visits a year to its website. However, due to the nature of the industry, negotiations can be lengthy, so finding the best leads and keeping detailed records for each is vital to continued success.

  • Industry: Engineering
  • Location: Brazil
  • Key feature: LeadBooster
Fibersals Case Study


Reduction in admin work thanks to automation


Monthly blog visits for prospecting leads


Less lead qualification time

The problem the company faced

As Fibersals grew its contacts list, its sales team realized it needed software to organize sales processes and keep up with the influx of new leads.

The team adopted a custom software solution to control every stage of the negotiation process and provide oversight to key stakeholders.

The solution worked well at first, helping the team to control which stage of the negotiation each deal was in, validate project addresses and use geolocation. However, the custom solution failed to scale with the business.

Fibersals needed a way to determine the best prospects to avoid wasting time on long negotiation periods with low-quality leads. The existing qualification flow was too simple, letting them into the funnel and leading to a poor return on time invested.

Today, I can continue negotiations with clients who have been with me for two or three years, so it’s essential that I have a CRM that’ll help me control everything.
I looked for the best in the market and saw that the world leader was Pipedrive. I tested it, liked it and that was it. We migrated our entire base, inserted some 10,000 contacts in Pipedrive and we’re still classifying and grouping data.

Dominic DutraPartner, Fibersals

How Pipedrive provides a solution

To solve its lead generation issues and ensure that the leads it added to the pipeline are those with the best chance of converting, Fibersals turned to LeadBooster.

Chatbot is programmed to ask, “Do you have infiltration problems? Yes or no?” as soon as someone lands on the page. When visitors respond “Yes”, it captures and adds their details to the pipeline.

Fibersals also uses Chatbot to prioritize its leads. If the lead communicates that they are interested in services that Fibersals doesn’t provide, they’re disqualified, ensuring the sales team focuses only on the most promising leads.

Automation also plays a big part in Fibersals’ sales process. Dominic Dutra, a partner at Fibersals, estimates that automation saves his team between five and ten percent of their time, and there’s still room for further time-saving.

Thanks to Pipedrive’s communication tracking features, the sales team can instantly recall all previous communications with clients, no matter the length of negotiations and time elapsed since the last communication.

The shock [of adopting Pipedrive] wasn’t so big because mechanisms already existed to control what needed to be done and what was or wasn’t a priority. But the previous software was very basic, and our processes now require many more features.
Automating tasks is wonderful. It allows me to send a presentation email automatically. In that email, I can ask questions and make some assumptions, and the integration with Google Apps is fantastic. I can see representatives’ emails, automate them, do follow-ups en masse and many other things.
My most visited page has 70,000 clicks. It’s an article about wall waterproofing, something we don’t do. If in Chatbot the visitor answers “wall”, they’re already disqualified. We prioritize leads by their responses.

Dominic DutraPartner, Fibersals

Fibersals’ unique way of using Pipedrive

Though Pipeline management and lead generation have become slick operations, Fibersals doesn’t take anything for granted.

In fact, the firm makes weekly changes to its sales funnel to improve operations and further streamline its lead generation process.

Plus, when reviewing the progress of leads through the pipeline, Pipedrive helps managers identify which reps are performing well so they can be moved to the processes that need them the most.

Salespeople fill in the data and then use these indicators to make filters that determine what will be prioritized and what won’t. On a daily basis, we use filters to prioritize who will be served first, serve them and then also wait for other customers to get in touch with us.

Dominic DutraPartner, Fibersals

Spend less time on admin and more time closing deals!