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How Marmelada Market improved their sales process by 50%

Marmelada Market is Israel’s largest eCommerce selling platform for designers, makers and entrepreneurs.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: Israel
  • Partner: LeAndolini Solutions

Through the help of LeAndolini Solutions and Pipedrive, Marmelada Market was able to set up automations that cut their sales process by more than half.


Marmelada was able to cut back its sales process by half


The team using Pipedrive grew from six people to 12


Marmelada improved productivity by a fifth

The challenge

Prior to using Pipedrive, Marmelada was using Salesforce as their CRM. They worked with several tools that didn’t integrate well with each other or Salesforce. The disconnect leads to latency and errors, resulting in unhappy customers and loss of revenue.

Salesforce was way too complex for our needs. Each business process required special customizations and it was hard to build end-to-end processes and integrate them with our company’s product (the Marmelada online eShop platform). We needed something that would be easy to integrate, automate our process and grow with us as our company scaled.

Adielle BitonHead of Sales

Pipedrive is exactly the right fit for a medium-sized business like ours. With Pipedrive we have good tracking of where everything stands sales-wise and are constantly using the insights and reports feature to understand the big picture.

Adielle BitonHead of Sales

With Pipedrive we have the independence and ability to add new processes, something which was very cumbersome with Salesforce. Bottom line: the platform is growing with us, which is what’s most important to a growing company like ours.

Yael RutenbergHead of Product Management

The solution

With the help of LeAndolini Solutions, who provides advanced and customized business automation services for companies worldwide, Marmelada was able to define their business processes and seamlessly integrate all systems with Pipedrive to ensure they were saving time, money and improving service to their valued customers.

By working with their product team, LeAndolini was also able to help Marmelada define and build custom APIs that integrate their platform with Pipedrive. This ensured that shops were automatically opened when a deal was won and store renewals/closures were also automated.

In addition to automating store openings and renewals, Marmelada was also able to automate document sending and signatures, accounting (i.e. invoicing and credit card payments), email marketing and customer support.

The results

Since implementing Pipedrive, Marmelada Market has been able to grow its team from six members to 12 in just nine months.

They also report cutting the time spent on their sales process and associated administrative tasks by more than 50% resulting in increased revenues and improved customer service.

Being a very sales-oriented company, we are good at quickly responding to incoming leads but not so good at managing renewals. Pipedrive helped us manage renewals better by automatically renewing deals exactly a month before they were due to expire. This automation has not only saved us time but has significantly helped customer service ratings and revenue.

Adielle BitonHead of Sales

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