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How Mybanker Tripled its Sales Team Using Pipedrive and Plecto

Based in Denmark, Mybanker is an online platform that helps people find the right bank. In addition to providing personalized offers from over 20 bank partners, private consumers are able to narrow down their selection based on factors like interest rates and ethical practices to help them find the perfect match.

  • Client: Mybanker
  • Industry: Finance
  • Location: Denmark
  • Number of employees: 35
  • Employees in sales: 3
  • Integrations used: Plecto

Quick facts

The size of their sales team went from one to three in the first six months of using Pipedrive and Plecto, and they’re looking for a fourth.

Mybanker’s sales team used Pipedrive to map out their workflow and get organized.


CRM Requirements

Mybanker’s team needed to keep their performance data transparent and accessible.

Using spreadsheets to track customer relations, Mybanker was struggling to monitor the finer details. Mybanker had to rely on individual knowledge, and not using a strong CRM system made it hard for executives to follow how deals were moving along.

It becomes a lot easier to get information on which deals we have in the pipeline as well as who to contact with a tool like Pipedrive.

Jesper JakobsenBusiness Strategy Manager, Mybanker


How Pipedrive helped

MyBanker’s sales team used Pipedrive to map out their workflow and get organized. They were also able to get a broad and detailed picture of their statistics easily with the Pipedrive-Plecto integration. With Plecto, they were able to easily visualize the data from Pipedrive and make sure that motivation and engagement were high.

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Pipedrive features used

Reports, to filter, group and oversee results, revealing success and bottlenecks

Insights, to measure company performance against goals

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