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How Mybanker tripled its sales team

Based in Denmark, Mybanker is an online platform that helps people find the right bank.

  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Location: Denmark
  • Integration: Plecto

Using a direct app integration between Pipedrive and Plecto, Mybanker was able to triple the size of its sales team in just six months.


The size Mybanker’s sales team grew


Number of months it took Mybanker to grow the team


The number of quotation requests they field monthly

The challenge

Before Pipedrive, Mybanker’s sales team connected Plecto dashboards with their manual database. Plecto offers a range of customizable dashboards to visualize real-time KPIs, which Mybanker’s team needed to keep their performance data transparent and accessible. Plecto enabled Mybanker to make data-driven decisions and increase motivation and engagement in their teams.

However, as they were using spreadsheets to track customer relations, Mybanker was struggling to monitor the finer details and had to rely on individual knowledge. Not using a strong CRM system made it hard for executives to follow how deals were moving along.

We would have to know by heart who was talking to whom. There was simply no structure and no way to know what we needed to do and when.

Jesper JakobsenBusiness Strategy Manager, Mybanker

Pipedrive is great for everyday use, but if you want a very fast view without logging in then Plecto is ideal. It creates instant transparency of your real-time performance and makes it easy to adjust your strategy and focus your time on leads/deals with higher return potential. When we started using Pipedrive around six months ago, we had one person in the sales team, now we are looking for a fourth.
I am confident saying that collaboration and optimization of time spent has improved. Now it is very easy to identify who is responsible for which bank deal and before people would mix up banks or deals.

Jesper JakobsenBusiness Strategy Manager, Mybanker

The solution

Thanks to a direct app integration between Plecto and Pipedrive, the team was able to get a broad and detailed picture of their key stats. Mybanker’s sales team used Pipedrive to map out their workflow and get organized. With Plecto, they were able to easily visualize the data from Pipedrive and make sure that motivation and engagement were high.

In order to identify which opportunities were worth pursuing, Mybanker established routine workflows and sales processes to prioritize their activities. One of the ways this was achieved was by using custom fields in Pipedrive to establish a tier system that could provide a subjective evaluation of each lead’s value.

In addition to optimizing their use of time, having a clearly defined sales method has also helped Mybanker triple its sales team in just half a year.

The results

In order to take full advantage of opportunities with new and existing partners, Mybanker’s sales team divides these responsibilities into two customized pipelines in Pipedrive.

Based on their own experience and research that shows that returning customers spend more with a company over time, Mybanker believes in approaching existing customers for new forms of partnerships with as much effort as they reach out to new ones.

Without our rigorous approach to customer success, Mybanker would not exist. When it comes to performance metrics and sales reporting, less is more. With the help of visual tools like Plecto and Pipedrive, we are able to have all the essential data we need at our fingertips so we can focus on the activities that close deals.

Jesper JakobsenBusiness Strategy Manager, Mybanker

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