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How Network streamlined operations and boosted efficiency by 50% with Pipedrive

Australian company Network Financial Planning Pty Ltd. is a single-solution financial planning business that works as the human connection to help people solve their most essential financial challenges. They help design tailored plans aligned to their clients’ lifestyles, focusing on preserving generational wealth.

According to Maria Melo, Business Development Manager at Network: “Every day, we keep growing and improving our and our clients’ experience by using Pipedrive. The Pipedrive support team is really great and very supportive, and we look forward to all Pipedrive’s upcoming improvements that will help us achieve efficient growth.”

  • Industry: Financial Planning
  • Location: Australia
  • Key feature: Forecasting
Network Financial Planning Pipedrive Case Study


The team using Pipedrive has grown from one to six


Almost all of the team’s processes run through Pipedrive


The team now completes over 50% more activities

How the company utilized Pipedrive

When the company was a one-man band, Network migrated to Pipedrive from a financial CRM system that wasn’t providing the required solution. Although founder and CEO Shaun O’Keefe needed to focus on the business’s marketing and sales roles, he didn’t have enough time to get into deep detail and extract the most from it. Nevertheless, he was always confident that Pipedrive was a powerful ally.

When Maria joined, she couldn’t agree more and identified it as an exceptional end-to-end solution. For Maria, Pipedrive combines the entire customer journey into one tool, from creating leads to passing through sales and project management, enabling the conversion of clients into advocates.

I started by understanding where the information was and putting it in the correct place, improving the contacts information and adding new fields. Then, I started to map our client’s experience touchpoints, explored possible automations and standardized our way of communicating using email templates.
Lastly, with Insights I was able to supply accurate sales forecasting by setting up the billing plan feature. One of our main gains was improving our efficiency as a team of delivering an accountable experience to our clients by using all Pipedrive’s features.

Maria MeloBusiness Development Manager, Network Financial Planning

Pipedrive features used


To continue serving new customers


To engage leads and capture info

Insights and reports
Insights and reports

To forecast revenue and identify opportunities

How the company grew with Pipedrive

As well as implementing more of Pipedrive’s features in their processes, Maria and the team also brought in two of Pipedrive’s add-ons: Projects and LeadBooster.

Network uses Projects to implement the solutions it sells to customers and uses Chatbot and Web Forms, two LeadBooster features, to anticipate the needs of prospects who come through the website. The company also benefits from seamless integrations with Microsoft and Pipedrive’s Smart Docs feature.

The whole customer journey is designed in Pipedrive. With Chatbot and Web Forms, all the information is directly linked to the fields we’ve created, making our life much easier.
It was mind-blowing to put everything together in Projects, including different templates. We used to have one single template for all our customers, and now with the support of different members of the team, we’ve implemented several project types, journeys and templates that depend on each customer’s journey and the type of programs and services they’re using with us. This allows us to deliver a more tailored experience – something we wanted from the very beginning.

Maria MeloBusiness Development Manager, Network Financial Planning

Network continues to grow

Network is expanding its services to offer generational wealth management and financial planning services to high-net-worth individuals. With the help of partners, the company will expand its collaborative ecosystem to become a Family Office one-stop shop in Australia. Business planning, accounting and legal services are some of the expertise already available in their portfolio.

We’ve just opened our newest operation, Network Family Office. We’ll help families with unique financial needs by giving professional guidance and concierge services so they can preserve and grow their family wealth. We’re genuinely keen to serve more and more families, as they’re at the heart of everything we do.

Maria MeloBusiness Development Manager, Network Financial Planning

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