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How NY’s Pro Arts’ passion for sharing live music has given them a winning edge

US company Pro Arts supports live music by providing talent and quality for clients while empowering the artists with work that they love.

By utilizing Pipedrive, Pro Arts can share live music and get a winning edge over the competition.

  • Industry: Events/Entertainment
  • Location: US
  • Key feature: Custom fields

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The challenge

When Co-founders Erin and Drew Coles set up Pro Arts together, it wasn’t without its challenges. Managing stress is often a parallel task to managing sales.

The couple shares that when they first started out, Drew was full-time at university and they both worked several jobs to fund the company.

Being a married couple and business partners also presented an interesting set of challenges for Erin and Drew.

Erin and Drew explain that despite the challenges, launching a business as husband and wife has made Pro Arts the company that it is today. It has defined the personality of the company and been a key driver for the personal and positive nature of the team.

Pro Arts’ sales process surrounds treating clients with kindness and respect. Erin and Drew have learned that understanding the psychology of selling helps you develop stronger customer relationships.

Taking the time to really get to know your leads and their needs will lead to higher conversion rates.

That was quite a harrowing time. We used every coffee break to manage emails and worked nights into the early hours of the morning to keep the dream alive. We’re married and business partners, which can bring about a lot of challenges and struggles and a lot of things that we have to work through. So just being able to do that, to work together and figure out a way to make it all happen, has been such a proud moment for us.
The fact that we are a family; the idea of family permeates through our business as well. We have a team that would go to the ends of the earth for us and we would go to the ends of the earth for them as well. Taking the time to learn a little about who your clients really are, outside of what you're trying to sell really means a lot to people, especially when they know you've actually listened.

Erin and Drew ColesCo-founders

We really love that we can customize the tabs in our Pipedrive interface. That allows us to clearly see where our clients are and be able to cater our correspondence with them to where they’re at in our individual sales pipeline. Pipedrive has helped our business scale because we've been able to keep better track of our leads and ensure that we're checking in with clients who may have otherwise slipped through the cracks, or off our radar.

Erin and Drew ColesCo-founders

The solution

Erin and Drew point to Pipedrive as the engine fueling sales process improvements and more personalized client interactions. The software has allowed Pro Arts to keep exceeding customer expectations.

For example, Pipedrive’s Email Integration and Custom Fields features mean Erin and Drew can both optimize the client experience, and scale their sales (and their business) faster.

The results

Pro Arts is an exciting example of how a love of music and a love of business can give life to one another in such a powerful way.

Erin and Drew recognized an opportunity to make the industry better for artists and consumers alike, and it’s their shared quest for progress and change that makes them truly successful.

For help on how to win at sales for your business, check out these Pipedrive resources.

We always like to change the way we do things, change the way people think about us, change the way people think about our industry, because we feel we can make that change and we can always bring a better package to what the client experience is. We’re bent on changing the field, it’s really an integral part of the vision for the company.

Erin and Drew ColesCo-founders

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