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How Pipedrive helps Sober in the Country change lives across rural Australia

Grassroots Australian nonprofit Sober in the Country’s mission is to change how the country’s rural population thinks about alcohol consumption.

Through advocacy, peer-to-peer support, straight-talking, storytelling and their #OK2SAYNO campaign, Sober in the Country effects social change, empowering rural and remote Australians to say no to alcohol.

  • Industry: Nonprofit
  • Location: Australia
  • Key feature: Pipeline management
Sober in the Country and Pipedrive Case Study

12 months

Sober in the Country has already improved multiple processes in its first year

2 users

Pipedrive has helped Sober in the Country's small team manage multiple tasks

The problem Sober in the Country faced

When operations manager Felicity Nolan first met Sober in the Country (SITC) founder Shanna Whan, Shanna had been struggling for five years to spread the word about the charity.

With just an email address and a basic website, Shanna couldn’t achieve the reach she needed to effect social change.

During that time, Shanna had been working without an income. Though she had plans to monetize the charity’s efforts and enable growth, she didn’t know how to implement them.

Felicity was instantly drawn to Shanna’s passion but could tell that SITC needed better software tools if it was going to reach the right audience. Having discovered Pipedrive in 2015, Felicity realized that the CRM tool could help SITC.

Shanna had been struggling for five years to get the SITC conversation going and had somehow managed to survive without income during this time and very little in the way of software – except for an email address and a basic website. It was clear the charity needed a CRM solution, but it was still struggling with the limited funds available.

Felicity NolanOperations Manager, Sober in the Country

How Pipedrive provides a solution

When Felicity reached out to Pipedrive, she knew that due to SITC’s limited funds, the charity would need additional support to get off the ground.

After Felicity explained her and Shanna’s mission, Pipedrive was happy to help.

By extending the trial period, Pipedrive gave SITC the time to build a foundation. Shanna and Felicity were able to build all SITC’s processes and pipelines on Pipedrive in the first 12 months.

Pipedrive now helps SITC with more than just its monetization efforts. From merchandise sales and memberships to Shanna’s speaking engagements, Pipedrive has revolutionized SITC’s data management processes.

I’m not very smart with technology; I’m a creative ideas person, but I now understand how unbelievably important systems are in every single way, especially when there are only two of us looking over such a broad scope of people that we’re helping in the country.

Shanna WhanFounder/CEO, Sober in the Country

Sober in the Country’s unique way of using Pipedrive

Pipedrive has given Shanna and Felicity the tools and oversight they need to quickly and efficiently manage large amounts of incoming data.

When they’ve had questions about the CRM, Shanna and Felicity have found it easy to get in touch with Pipedrive’s 24/7 support team. The support team has provided speedy resolutions that have given the SITC team the confidence to expand their use of Pipedrive.

Thanks to Pipedrive Academy’s training videos and tutorials, as well as the community of like-minded Pipedrive users, understanding Pipedrive is always an enjoyable process for Shanna and Felicity.

For me, I think the biggest thing I love about Pipedrive is their culture. They genuinely care about all of their customers and want to see their product grow and evolve along with our businesses.
If you’re considering subscribing to Pipedrive remember you are not just buying a subscription, you become part of a community that cares about each other – and that, for me, is priceless.

Felicity NolanOperations Manager, Sober in the Country

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