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How Socionomera became Sweden’s third-fastest growing company

Socionomera, an authorized staffing company, is leading the charge in addressing Sweden’s nationwide shortage of social workers who provide crucial social care. Damir Sabani, founder and CEO and his team are working tirelessly to keep up with the demand, and they’re doing it with the help of Pipedrive.

Thanks to their innovative approach, the company has skyrocketed to success, earning the prestigious title of Sweden’s third-fastest-growing company and Skåne’s fastest-growing company.

  • Industry: Recruitment
  • Location: Sweden
  • Key feature: Projects
Socionomera Case Study


Reduction in admin work thanks to automation

No 1.

It’s the fastest-growing company in Skåne


Consultant managers can manage 25 social workers each, up from 10 to 15

The challenge Socionomera faced

Socionomera’s recruitment process was manual and time-consuming, making it hard to quickly find the right candidates in a competitive market. The company relied on Word and Excel, leading to confusion, duplication of work and a lack of standardization.

Managing relationships with clients and candidates was also challenging. Every time he received a request for a consultant, Damir had to manually search through personnel files to find the right person for the role.

Timing is crucial in the recruitment industry. We’re not the only company our clients are reaching out to for candidates, so while quality is paramount, speed is a very important component, too.
It was easier to manage when I had 10 or 20 names. I had the word document for each consultant candidate – they just emailed me their resume, and I just kept it in the system I created on my computer. When there were more, it got harder to keep track of when each consultant would be available and what were their skills.

Damir SabaniFounder and CEO, Socionomera

Pipedrive’s solution to Socionomera’s pain

Damir was told that a CRM could help him manage his growing number of candidates, so he researched solutions and landed on Pipedrive, which had the right customization features for his needs.

With Pipedrive, the company can search for candidates with specific skill requirements, automate the removal of unsuitable candidates and standardize the onboarding process. The result? A more efficient and effective recruitment process, leading to improved candidate quality and a competitive edge.

Unsuitable candidates are removed from recruitment processes and sent an automatic email, significantly reducing the administrative burden on the company.

Thanks to Pipedrive’s Projects add-on, the company can now ensure that candidates are onboarded quickly and have access to logins, the time reporting system and other necessary resources. This hasn’t only improved the candidate experience but has also reduced the risk of any delays or issues during the onboarding process.

In every aspect, Pipedrive is saving us a lot of time. Many, many hours. The ability to automatically remove unqualified or unsuitable candidates from the system makes our whole process more efficient.
Before, the administrative burden was too great. One consultant manager could oversee 10 to 15 people. Now, that figure is closer to 25.

Damir SabaniFounder and CEO, Socionomera

The unique ways Socionomera uses Pipedrive and Projects

Socionomera needs to ensure that the candidates it recruits are successfully integrated into the organization and are equipped with the necessary resources to perform their new job. The company uses Projects to ensure that candidates have access to all the resources they need, such as login credentials and time reporting systems, from day one, which has improved the candidate experience.

The add-on also enables Socionomera to monitor everything related to their deals with organizations, including deadlines, meetings and feedback. This helps Socionomera maintain good relationships with clients and candidates and ensure that everyone is satisfied with the service they receive.

With Projects, we were able to create a step-by-step process to ensure onboarding success, starting with day one of the candidates joining the new company.
When the deal is done, we like to monitor the match for a few months, maybe a year, to make sure everyone is happy and everything is running smoothly.

Damir SabaniFounder and CEO, Socionomera

Smart Docs was a game changer. Before, we had to print out a page, then sign it, then scan it and, finally, send it to our customers or, in some cases, our customers wanted contracts sent by post. Now, we can just sign the document digitally through Pipedrive.

Damir SabaniFounder and CEO, Socionomera

How Socionomera automates processes to stay ahead

As well as the Projects add-on, Socionomera is also using a number of Pipedrive features to boost productivity, including Automations and Smart Docs.

The team uses the Automations feature to automate the entire sales process, from receiving orders from clients to closing and signing contracts, while Smart Docs enables them to create and manage documents on Pipedrive quickly and easily.

Since we started using Pipedrive, our processes have become more efficient. We’re growing faster than ever, winning awards, and our revenue has increased substantially. We couldn’t be happier that we found Pipedrive. It has made a huge difference to our business.

Damir SabaniFounder and CEO, Socionomera

The difference Pipedrive has made

The adoption of Pipedrive has been a game-changer for Socionomera.

Pipedrive has enabled the company to create a customized recruitment system, further fueling its exponential growth. The Projects feature helped Socionomera to standardize its recruitment and onboarding processes, monitor performance and maintain positive relationships.

With the help of Pipedrive, the company streamlined its processes, saved countless hours and resources and skyrocketed business growth.

Spend less time on admin and more time closing deals!