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How The BlackTies magically increased revenue by 120%

High-end modern magicians The BlackTies have cast a spell over audiences in Sydney and Australia with their clever close-up tricks and incredible sleight of hand.

  • Industry: Events/Entertainment
  • Location: Australia
  • Key feature: Automations

After integrating Pipedrive, The BlackTies increased their revenue by 120% in a year.


They doubled their sales lock-in rate


Amount their revenue has increased in a year


Number of shows they are putting on

The challenge

All four members are magicians, so sales and marketing were often left unhandled.

This meant that they were missing out on many opportunities, as lead generation was suffering, while customer management was too.

The BlackTies tried several CRMs, but none of them helped them get through their ‘to-do’ list perfectly.

As magicians, we are focused on our art and most of us are not very good at productivity or keeping track of sales. One person does most of the sales, but we do share a bit between the others. We need to book shows, contact clients regarding details, send them contracts, double confirm stage details and more! There are a lot of things to do, and we needed help to get them done.

Scott ZhouBlackTies magician

In a market where every other magician struggles with their sales and marketing, our business has grown in leaps and bounds. The fact that Pipedrive has almost a ‘to-do’ manager built into it, the built-in tracking and activity system, is what’s helped the most over the last two years of using the CRM. It has allowed us to make sure that we never forget to follow up with leads for our sales. This has led us to double our sales lock-in rate.
Having it all in a pipeline and having each deal move from left to right makes everything extremely clear. The pipelines and deal stages give us clarity in terms of how our potential bookings are going, as well as how our confirmed bookings are going.

Scott ZhouBlackTies magician

The solution

The magicians turned to Pipedrive because it was intuitive to use, helped them catch up with potential leads and turned them into customers, which they were then able to stay in touch with.

Pipedrive’s simple pipeline view enabled them to get a handle on their sales funnel and track activities and revenue goals. Pipedrive’s dashboards, statistics and data exports helped them analyze their sales and figure out lock-in and conversion rates.

As magicians performing more than 250 shows a year, each deal in Pipedrive is extremely important to keep track of, especially after they are won. This was made easy thanks primarily to two features: Pipedrive's custom fields, where they can put in the details of each performance, and Pipedrive’s integration with Zapier, which allows them to sync Pipedrive with Trello.

Also, Pipedrive’s built-in automation features automatically remind the magicians to check in with clients before showing up at the event.

The results

After using Pipedrive for a year, The BlackTies’ revenue increased by 120% due mostly to their ability to provide top-notch customer service, timely communication and professional follow-up with clients and leads.

Pipedrive is a tool that aims to take the strain of tracking sales and managing leads off companies like The BlackTies.

Pipedrive’s clear dashboard views and simple pipeline make sure these magicians never miss a trick.

We are confident that Pipedrive has had a big part to do with our revenue increase, as previously we would lose sales to clients because we were not responding often enough or did not respond timely enough. The magicians’ market in Sydney is quite competitive in terms of pricing and a major part of our differentiation with our competition is through our sales and customer service. Many of our clients say they book us just because we are able to handle the communication much better and in a timelier fashion than other competitors.

Scott ZhouBlackTies magician

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